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    I like comics, movies and tv series.I´m a huge PJ Harvey fan and a Róisín Murphy new fan.
  1. I agree. He should do more interiors or if he does I should try to find more of his comics.
  2. Pandemoniun is finally here! I really can´t wait and Hellblazer issue too. I love the cover and I´m finally get used to Carmuncoli´s art so, will be great.
  3. It´s a good story, nothing extraordinary, good, I give a 8 and the art is solid.
  4. I bought Authority vol1 the whole series and Black Hole 2 volumes, great reading, specially Authority.
  5. Indeed is one of the cool series out there, alongside Air.
  6. I read # 1 and I loved, I´ll stick with the title, Care and Gross´collaboration is pretty good.
  7. I´d like to have coat like John but here is too hot to wear it.
  8. Would be interesting to watch a Sleep movie but without Cruise on it.
  9. I like a black suit, would be good to combine it with the treant coach.
  10. Last Wednesday I foung a good The Crow TP, in an excellent condition at a flee book store. I can´t believe I didn´t have it in my collection.
  11. I liked the cover and It´s good to have Simon for 2 issues, he is great.
  12. I read the preview on Air # 8 and I liked, Carey and gross are great together, i´ll read it.
  13. I´m sorry Tim, It´s really tragic. I think his face was the perfect John Constantine for me, after Sting, he was indeed John. My condolences to you and his family and Rest in Piece Stevhen.
  14. I totally agree with you. This cover has everything to do with Hellblazer, I liked it by the way.
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