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  1. First comic I ever bought. It was from the 7-11 down the street from my house and I was 7 years old in the second grade. I can tell you every word in it and could probably draw every seen straight from memory. It's in horrible condition. ;)
  2. Had it for the PS2 but then my roomie went a got a Xbox360 for himself for Christmas. Bought this game for the Xbox360 and gameplay on a highdef TV is sweeeeeet. Played through it about 4 or 5 times using all different combinations. Now, I’ve activated all the cheats and I’m just exploring. Thor’s “Wrath of the Gods” cleans up verrry nicely. But it’s fun to shoot ‘em up with Deadpool. Just a kick ass game. At the moment I’m using Thor Deadpool Dr. Strange…I like levitating people off of ledges and cliffs. Iron Man
  3. Well, if you waited till about a month after it came out on cable and watched it on the weekend like I did, you would've found that it made a great Saturday Morning Cartoon. Never read much of FF comics but I understood their importance in Marvel lore. I expected great things when I heard a movie was in the making. If Bryan Singer could weave together as huge a cast as he did with the X-Men movies and make them coherent, I expect more from a movie with 4 main characters and a single villain. But on Saturday mornings after a hard week's work when I'm only half awake, I'll just turn off my brain and go for the ride.
  4. That trailor kicks ass! Let's hope the movie doesn't SUCK ass. One can only hope.
  5. For the past few months, under $10 :icon_cry: Too much going on with the move. Ah...but when I do move and get settled I plan on increasing my sad collection of JCon. I'd also love to attend a convention to see what it's like. Can't wait.
  6. Whatever I'm gay for Superman :lol:
  7. Even as an avid X-reader, my earliest superhero memories are visions of the original Superman films. This film brought back much of the wonder that made me fall in love with the superhero genre. It had me at the opening credits sequence and the opening musical score might as well have been brand new…a transport back in time. It’s what a Superman movie should be given it's remarkable legacy. Minor gripes will come later… For now…let me be a kid again.
  8. Aaawe...I've been gone so long, you've all ranted about this film without me. Many of you are much more articulate about your reasons for liking or disliking this film then I'd be so I have nothing further to add. I will say that X2 remains my favorite installment of this "trilogy" *rolls eyes*
  9. goblin

    Just Because.

    *falls over laughing* the hilarity of this thread transcends that of even the fart threads!
  10. goblin

    Just Because.

    now THAT'S comedy.
  11. goblin

    Astonishing X-Men

    Agreed. But therein lies my irritation. That is a long time to be badly written. 1981 is also a date that precedes the appearance of Gambit by about 10 years or so. Also, I started reading X-Men in the late 80s so I suppose it played on my first impressions of him. Gambit is so abysmal that I never took him seriously to begin with so his crappiness doesn’t have as much of an impact on me. He’s unimportant and easy to ignore. Cyclops on the other hand is, as you say, a genuinely strong and interesting character that is continually butchered. It’s tiring. Thus, with him, the irritation is much stronger for me. Characters I’ve never been invested in don’t concern me as much.
  12. goblin

    Astonishing X-Men

    ...and choirs of angels sing “Amen.” Next to Cyclops, Gambit is my most hated X-Man. One good thing about fortuitous resurrections is that you get to watch characters you hate die over and over again…it’s just the coming back part that bites. Imagine if he and Rogue managed to generate offspring…they’d have the most fucked up speech impediment in the history of the world. Trace…they could name him Zenith.
  13. …that there’s no such thing as an A-cup …fashion designers will make anything for the right price…a rubber band goes a long way in making a heroine’s costume. …death is something you do between crossovers …porn star ninja assassins are in greater abundance than I could have ever hoped …the bad guy never stays to watch to make sure their captive helpless foe dies via their elaborate killing contraption…God forbid they should just shoot them in the head …they’re not just super heroes, they’re super models …that there are fabrics that will display muscles not found in any anatomy book …differing hair and eye color is enough to distinguish between characters …if a good writer comes along and changes things, the establishment will go to great lengths to retcon their work to defend the venerable standard of mediocrity
  14. WHAT!!! An ANT-MAN film? Oh...it's a comedy, you say? Okay then. At least we KNOW it's a joke and we're not surprised as in the case of Daredevil...and Elektra...and the Hulk...and so on and so forth.
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