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    My number one interest is watching the apes on parade, that's right, while watching the news or some kind of public gathering I'll sit there and imagine that all the people are chimpanzees or guerillas in human clothes doing exactly what they're doing. It makes politics fantastic. And history for that matter.<br /> All too frequently, random strangers will come up to me at the bus stop or where ever and share strange pieces of their bizarre lives, like the sailor who found an SUV floating in the middle of the Atlantic in which was a very disturbed cat living off of sea growth and rain water. Don't know if that was true or not, but the story just randomly came my way while waiting for the bus. Besides, in cases like this, it's not about the truth, it's about the telling of the story. That sailor spun an excellent yarn, great turns of phrase. <br /> I guess my interests generate randomly...
  1. I liked this little episode. John seems to have reached an upswing in bastardly pursuits during this part of the story, a side of him that it could be deadly to forget about. There's a reason he's such a miserable sod. Also the corpse disguise was pretty awesome.
  2. Not a goddess. Just some spirit. He/She's an Ekkimu. A departed spirit from the streets of Babylon. Basically nothing more than a troublesome agent of chaos. Like me. That's about as descriptive as the word "man". I think Julian is a character who's purpose is to add new characters to the Hellblazer world like Phoebe.
  3. Well, Red, like you said, how the story feels to me is 100% up to me. I just don't feel the same spirit in it as with some of the other runs. I'm beginning to feel an oncoming repeat of Azzarello's run. Shock jock sex appeal with amusing content, but little character exploration. I do, however, like the self serving bastard aspects of John being brought to the forefront, and the themes of addiction. All I'm saying, I guess, is that I miss the psychological thriller aspect of the whole thing.
  4. Yeah, I didn't think they were trying to go HP on us either (HP as in Harry Potter, not the steak sauce, though I'm sure John would go down well with a dab of HP), sarcasm. Also I've read all of Milligan's run so far, so I'm aware of the nature of the Julian creature. I agree with you on where that character is going in the story line. I just hope that soon the whole thing gets a major injection of Hellblazer blood because right now it's not really seeming like Hellblazer. It all seems more like something Marvel would put out, and I mean something MARVEL would put out, not something they bought from an actually talented artists.
  5. Um... sorry. My London Fog coat looks nothing like a Constantine costume. I do own a tie, though. Oh no! I just fell into a nerd pit and got geek all over me! I TAKE BACK MY PREVIOUS COMMENT!!!
  6. Perhaps the writers are trying to appeal to Harry Potter fans? I dunno. Though creepy, her activities in the story are reminding me of the villainous types in the great and overcrowded universe of teen vampire novels.
  7. I'll bet we have the same coat! It came from a local hand-me-down chain called Value Village. I'm willing to assume (though we all know what that means) that I'm not the only one here who has the whole get-up and has worn it on many occasions? Ah, to be a geek.
  8. 1. Sometimes it's just practical, like while wandering the damp and rainy streets of London, a thing John does fairly frequently. I have my own "the Constantine Coat", the tag says "London Fog", the perfect melodramatic rain coat. As for wearing it in hell: he said himself that, although there was fire all around, it was bitter cold. I too would bring a coat. But more importantly John is a kind of wandering magician amongst other things and the coat kind of fits that persona, like the wizard's staff or the cowboy's, well, trench coat. 2. My favorite was Manco's giant soldier-like trench coat. (if I understand the question correctly) 3. Narrow would be more practical, not sure why John wears them all the time in the first place except for dramatic appeal. 4. Although I think it's funny when a character has a huge wardrobe full of duplicates of the same outfit, I don't think John is necessarily in danger of being one of those. It's up to the artists. I personally liked his wardrobe best during the Ridgman days. Pink ties, the occasional suit, sunglasses sometimes, you really got a feel for his personal tastes. Although it was all very '80s. 5. All in all, John is a drama queen. Trench coat, black tie, messy hair, unshaven face, a strong smell of cigarettes, and yet somehow not looking like a bum (with the exception of that fateful Ennis story arch), says "I'm in a piss poor mood, my life is full of tragedy, you want nothing to do with me so please stare". Perhaps John developed the iconic coat/black tie/black slacks uniform because his life pulls him further and further away from himself. A person will try to manifest consistency in a chaotic life.
  9. Really? John's selling his soul again? Who even owns that at this point? Are they taking out shares? Should we be watching the stock market? As a side note, I actually kind of like this cover, and continuing on the theme of addiction, I am looking forward to reading the issue. Although I'm not getting my hopes up. There is definitely a major demand on John's soul these days, a demand that far outweighs supply. I think John's soul is going to go bankrupt soon. Also it would seem that John's soul is actually part of a joint ownership at this point, definitely unstable, I would recommend avoiding any investment in John's soul at this time. For some reason that I can't quite nail down I enjoyed this issue. I agree that the addiction theme is fun, especially since it seems the multiple parties involved are being equally screwed over in that department, it makes it hard to figure out who will come out on top. I mean, John's the "hero" but in Hellblazer that simply means that all the fucked up shit happens to said "hero". It's not a title one would apply to one's self in John's world. Even though I liked the issue, I was also disappointed. I dunno. Guess I'll have to see how this particular story arch develops before I have any solid opinion.
  10. OH! You're right, Red, John Constantine! Oops.
  11. The only things I could find about the guy are things about this Arkham "film". MAN!!! I wish that were a real thing! Well done for a fan flick, though.
  12. But seriously! Chas and John are around the same age and the continue to look so ... so what's the deal with Chas?
  13. And as for Johnny C. not changing in appearance, how's Chas looking?
  14. I'm not very intrigued by this one, which is disappointing. It's a little too "B-movie Horror": modern development on ancient burial ground, the ancient souls are disturbed and become angry and do horrible things. Which can be done well, but it can also be done terribly. We'll see... I did like the historical background, though.
  15. Indeed. Well then it's settled! CONSTANTEEN 2: Hell Blood Fire! Staring "Ahhnold" (because Liverpudlians all sound like giant Austrians) with Robert DeNiro as Chas (get the reference?) and Vin Diesel as Papa Midnite The film starts with John (Ahhnold) blazing into Hell with a shotgun and blowing the shit out of Beelzebub (played by Tom Cruise) but not killing him for some reason. Beelzebub escapes and shouts "You'll pay for this! Every person you care about will be torn to shreds!" to which John will reply "Go to Heaven." and detonates a bomb that no one knew was there. We don't know yet if Beelzebub really died. Then we find out that John was in Hell to rescue Chas, who shouts ironically "Jesus Christ!" "Hot enough for ya?" John says as they make their explosive escape. But when they get back to the world of the living, Gemma (played by Paris Hilton) has gone missing and the duo must get the assistance of Papa Midnite and his Voodoo super powers to rescue her and expose Beelzebub's master plan to make a bunch of money by killing innocent people, which they do by shooting demons in the face and saying clever things. The End.
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