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  1. Four! I like football, fitba, and Constantine.
  2. Hellblazer usually evokes Clash more than Pistols for me.
  3. It was quite surreal seeing promos for Constantine on Sunday Night ('MERICAN!) Football and hearing Al Michaels talk about the show. In a good way.
  4. Or more likely because he belongs to Dark Horse now. But yeah. When I think "Marvel" and "1970s" Conan and Howard the Duck are the first things that come to mind.
  5. No Ducks or Barbarians? Bullshit.
  6. I was chuckling like Butthead throughout the entire movie. I laughed the hardest at:
  7. Oh HELL yeah. You know I love to fold me some space. I could see John having a good time on Apokolips.
  8. Apokolips. My 2nd favorite fictional planet.
  9. If you've got Constantine Fever, the only prescription is more Delano. Just start at the beginning.
  10. It was like E.T. with less saccharine bullshit.
  11. Me too. The main feature was a Dan Dare series drawn but Dave Gibbons that I really wanted to like but it was just... Buh. I really liked Harry Twenty. And the V.C.'s to a lesser extent. I think Skizz was in there too, but I'm sure that's already been collected.
  12. Tony B.

    Marvel comics

    And we were just talking about this (ok maybe like a month ago)! Two for two so far.
  13. Tony B.

    Comics !

    Hellboy. I don't remember which one. But you are definitely thinking of Hellboy.
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