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  1. LoT has got a lot better over time. The first half of the first season was a bit of a trial to get through. They play it for laughs a lot more now.
  2. What's going on with you?

    Property market in London is doing really well. One woman recently paid a Billion pound just to stay living in a house in Downing Street.
  3. Video Games

    I've been playing Injustice 2. Not really played a beat em up since Tekken 3 or 4 (mainly because I'm so bad at them). The story mode is surprisingly excellent, great graphics and interesting story. It made me pickup the collected editions of the comic which I'm enjoying although the art is very up and down.
  4. Video Games

    I've just about finished Horizon Zero Dawn, it's up there in my top 3 games ever. Never played a game before where I can spend an hour achieving nothing and still really enjoy it.
  5. What's going on with you?

    Sorry to hear that Pooka, that's unfairly young
  6. Walking Dead

    I didn't see it myself, but apparently when he drove off someone sits up in the passenger seat. so he didn't jut run.
  7. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians*

    I'm still battling my way through Alan Moores Jerusalem, I've actually really enjoyed it up to 70% of the way, but then he's gone and thrown in 2 big chapters that are in another made up language (well a strange irish dialect, I think). I tried reading it and could only make sense of a few words each sentence, I tried listening to the audiobook of the chapter but was still struggling so hard to make out each word the whole thing meant nothing. I've literally spent 4 hours reading and listening and have not a clue what it was about, I'd have understood more if it'd been in French (C in O level 30 odd years ago!) I really hope it's not important to the overall plot, because without a translation I have no idea what it was on about. I will soldier on and pray that the character doesn't return
  8. What's going on with you?

    Sorry to hear that Pooka.
  9. Steve Dillon R.I.P.

    Very sad news. Loved all his work in 2000AD, I'd forgotten he did Animal Man too until I read the news earlier.
  10. Alan Moore Hates Us All

    I got an e-mail from Amazon on the day of release to say that my copy of Jerusalem had been delayed, I was quite disappointed so I sent them a complaint E-mail. They gave me credit on my Prime membership to the amount of the Kindle edition so I could start reading it whilst I wait for my copy. Quite handy really because it is a bloody big book to carry around. Only read a little bit so far (2% according to my kindle) I like it.
  11. Alan Moore Hates Us All

    Is anyone else going to be reading Jerusalem, his 1,000,000 word book which is apparently only really 600,000 words. It's out tomorrow.
  12. Ashes & Dust wtf??!

    I've just re-read the first half of Azzarellos run in the newly released trade. It wasn't half as bad as I remember it, I'm guessing from the comments here it's the second half of the run that's worse.
  13. Video Games

    My 7 year old son enjoys it, one day someone will warp into the system Tristan and wonder at the origin of the names of planets and creatures, which are all named after school friends, teachers and family. There's been a patch today, no patch notes though so I don't know if they changed anything significant, (just stacking more stuff in inventory would make it more playable for me)
  14. Video Games

    NMS got very repetitive, very quickly for me. I so want to like it, but it needs work a few patches now they have a lot of player feedback and it could be fun. Too much inventory management and annoying refilling your suit or gun with something in your inventory every 2 minutes. The variety of planets and creatures is spoiled by the fact that all the bases and alien monuments look identical on every planet.
  15. Favorite Cover Artist

    Dave Mckean for me with Kent Williams in a very close second. Both of them encapsulate how Hellblazer should feel to me. They capture the brooding horror in the shadows, rather than the in your face here's a picture of a big fat Demon John is going to con and/or sleep with!