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  1. Video Games

    Horizons pretty good. As an update the first 1/3 of resident evil 7 was great, rest was meh
  2. What's going on with you?

    Back im december my hoise rabbit died. It was heart breaking i know the feels. Cried my bloody eyes out
  3. Video Games

    Im pretty into it at the moment, really fun game, team work strategy nkt like cods. Anyone for resident evil this week? Dare i ask if anyone picked up pokemon, ive sunk a great deal of time into it.
  4. Video Games

    Overwatch anyone?
  5. Video Games

    I play it solo. But for some things like the dungeons you need people, but the group finder will sort that, that works now too
  6. Video Games

    Yeah i dont like to bad mouth it as it seemed like a great concept and the story was right uo my alley. Ill deffo replay. On the division note that sounds really promising id be on board going back to that too. Ive fallen back in love with the elder scrolls online unfortunatly so (aside from skyrim and orobably the odd dabble on titanfall) im lost to everything again. I will say the ps4 pro and 4k telly has made a huge improvement on it
  7. Pooka still as stunning as ever
  8. What's going on with you?

    Sounds all good to me, seems positive id say
  9. Video Games

    Yeah me, LOVED it for first few hours, but then found nothing changes and it becomes deeply repetitive, i ended up trading it in sharpish. I loved the story though so when its cheap and i have down time ill probably re pick it up. I got dishonoured 2 with my ps4 pro but ill never find time to commit to it yet and if its buggy ill just repick it up later. Ill be trading it in today (making money really) and get Robinson the journey for psvr.
  10. The Hellblazer #3

    Ah that make sense, i've not read the interview does it say why? I wouldnt imagine swampy is a big draw for extra readers.
  11. Oh wow, ill be buying this! I put up with new 52 version at moment
  12. What's going on with you?

    It really is
  13. What's going on with you?

    I really wanted to say that in the faceache thread. Looking good btw red