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  1. Ah that make sense, i've not read the interview does it say why? I wouldnt imagine swampy is a big draw for extra readers.
  2. Oh wow, ill be buying this! I put up with new 52 version at moment
  3. Im loving the return to past grounds, i dont mind the swamp thing bits if uts relevant in the end but they do drag. I didnt put my two cents in for the rebirth, overall its a big step back to hellblazer but i hated the super hero cameos
  4. I've read worse, but then I've read Hellblazer and this was not that.
  5. Mick

    Marvel comics

    Yeah, old Nova was the business when he became Nova prime, this new child version looks horrendous. Also where is Ritchie, surely if Quill is back then Richard would be too?
  6. Mick

    Marvel comics

    Sooooo Thundebolts... Not going as well as it should with the cast it has. In fact issue three was completely pointless, literally nothing happened at all. It was building to something like to a big part of the story, and it was overly explained throughout 20 pages, without revealing anything, just telling how important this thing was, and then the punisher shot it Spoiler is blanked out.(Spil
  7. Mick

    Marvel comics

    Anyone else reading All New xmen? Good read thus far, made me decide to Pick up uncanny with its relaunch
  8. Mick

    Marvel comics

    Yesssss i have two copies!
  9. Mick

    Marvel comics

    Yeah my bet is 'Superior Spider-man' ends april 2014, and Amazing Spider-man #1 launches as a jumping on point just in time for amazing spiderman 2.
  10. Mick

    Marvel comics

    True, if you read Avenging spider man you got a little insight into the fact that he seems to have BARELY changed, i dunno it all seems abit twaddle and off, is anyone comfortable with this villainous man not only winning but going on to undoubtedly have relations with peters girlfriend etc... He may be in peters body but im still seeing the old stumpy dullard. It feels really perverse for this man to be running around in peters skin and the more i think about it the more it gives me the creeps. I know its a book, but its a character i've 'know' since i was very young, i don't mind him leaving the book and giving a new spidey a chance (I'd love ben back) but this really kinda freaks me out, i think its this kind of body swapping thing is just something i have not a taste for, i think too in depth about it and what the old mans doing in Peters body Hurrhh.
  11. Since Mike Careys run, keep buying single issues then rebuy as trades, have all the ones i can currently get hold of. Read alot of back issues via the books and digital downloads (comixology).
  12. Do you read the comic John? Im really looking forward to seeing morgan again, if we do, with how different things are to the comic i could see it never happening
  13. Ok, i started watching the show the other month (and reading through the books currently on vol 12) and im loving everything walking dead related but... What the hell is the problem with the show and black guys? When Tyrese showed the person i was watching it with actually said "Oh maaaan does that mean that Dexter is going to die, hes only just joined and seem alright" i replied "Naaa its not really got a one black guy at a time rule" Egg on my face. Currently Morgan> T-Dog> Dexter> Tyrese its not even remotely subtle, Although T-dog was a pointless character anyway im glad Tyrese has finally made it, should shake the show up abit and give a nice partnership with Rick, although the story of his daughter and her boyfriend looks like its going to be missed which is a shame. Aside from anything im glad the books are used more as reference rather than a direct basis for the show as its far more interesting to see the characters develop differently to the books.
  14. Mick

    Marvel comics

    *Spoilorish* I felt the same way man, and if it HAD to be a villain did it really have to be him? He's literally been the least interesting villain of the past few years and he's had the most going on. I was still holding hope for it to be a ploy and to have maybe Miguel come back in time or something. My biggest hope was Ben would be back, that would of made it for me, ah well at least Kaines still looking like he has some interesting developments... In fact on that, why on earth do we need a less responsible when the scarlet spider book launched this year with the tagline 'All of the power, non of the responsibility'.
  15. I'll be buying it, just as i do Hellblazer, but i was pretty gutted, learned of the Hellblazer cancellation from Jay(nova) on facebook. Bastards. I'm putting my guess in that it fails Hellblazer comes back as a nice Vol.2 :-).
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