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  1. John Constantine is screwed. The idiotic House of Commons just voted to pass a UK smoking ban in all Public Places. That means that Johnny boy will not be able to smoke in pubs, restaurants, and even in the Cambridge Club with the good Angel Gabriel. THe bloody Anti-Smoking Nazi arse-holes have now screwed up yet another country and have put a serious damper in future Hellblazer issues. I mean, John Constantine is all trenchcoast, cigarette, and arrogance. How badass will he be when some peice of shite publican asks him to go outside just to smoke a fag? Besides its bad for peoples health, someone could be forced to go outside in the rain and then cathc pnemonia and die. If you're British, write to your MP and beg him to stop the stupid ban, in the name of tradition, decency, and the best comic book ever.
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