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  1. And they had to write it all out by hand.
  2. I think I like it, but he's supposed to be 'stealthy, silent, a symbol of justice that all wrong-doers fear', not 'LOOK AT THIS SHIT, I GOTS METAL ARMOURZ!!1' Translation, just so long as he doesn't lose his air of mystery, its good.
  3. Basically, John Constantine's Wikipedia entry is woefully out-of-date, with the last thing about his timeline being the whole cancer thing. Anyone want to try and spruce it up a bit? Some of you lot are scarily good at this stuff....
  4. Currently unavailable :icon_cry:
  5. Take it to the webhead thread lads. Heh, I didn't even mean to do that. A new take on his origin perhaps? If its in the movie, I'm buying you a Porsche.
  6. ITS A GOOD FILM! Lacking the effort neccessary top make any kind of argument, I'm just going to say that. It really didn't helpt hat i knew most of what happened due to the comics, and Venom sucked, and I preferred the first two, BUT it was still good. So neh. And given sufficient time, I will find you an evil alien jazz player.
  7. I got halfway through Warlord, and wasn't enjoying it. It's competently written, but there are many aspects that don't tie into John's chgaracter. E.g. He says dude He refers to 'pants' He almost cries over a guy he barely knew And thats off the top of my head. However, it may have gotten better later on, and there was one excellent scene in a car in Iraq. Anyone else?
  8. Pfft, he'll look fine when he's moving, no need to panic. I'm going to look the biggest idiot if this goes wrong now...
  9. No meeting, it was just strange to see two characters who pretty much come from different worlds now. I know they're meant to be in the same one, but when was the last time Hellblazer showed a superhero? Then again, Gaiman was using the scene to show that everyone ever was there, so that did work well in cotnext. Damn I love Sandman.
  10. And they both showed up in 'Sandman: The Wake' which was weird.
  11. Apocsol

    The Toy Thread

    I want more toys. I don't remember my last toy, except for And the USB nuke button is at: http://www.geekstuff4u.com/product_info.ph...ghardware.co.uk
  12. Apocsol

    Big books of comics

    Batman Year One is here! And there will be exposition as soon as my Cwork is done and I have the time.
  13. Apocsol


    I was just thinking about this subject a couple of days ago, and now here we all are. Fratellis. The song is nothing like him, but this line is if you ask me.
  14. Wow I never think of HB as a spin-off. Also, on ign they had this pic except extreeemely tiny, by the wrong comic, something about some Spanish dude, but I knew it was JC and I'm proud of my belief in myself. It makes me sad that I won't get to see it until it gets tpb'd. :icon_cry:
  15. Apocsol

    batman must reads

    Batman Trades To try and redeem myself, a complete list of Bat-trades for your Bat-delight.
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