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  1. MACH

    Hellblazer #232

    I loved it, great vibe in general(again!), john back to the way we know and love. I think some people are just a tiny bit over-critical, or expect too much from a single issue. I liked the mini-twist to the end, i wasnt stunned but definately interested enough to really look forward to next month's. All in all im just chuffed, it makes me want to re-read all my old issues. just finished reading garths run, i know people have their problems with him(or it?) but i bloody love garth.
  2. Been off in fairy-la-la-land for a while and only been lurking but was wondering if anyone could tell me what they think of the two Hellblazer novels that were released? I have every issue of the comics.....would i like the books? should i get the books? Any info would be just dandy, Hope everyone is well Mach
  3. Cheers for answering questions Andy, bloody good of you to take the time! Loving your first two issues, got me re-reading all the old stuff too......your issues got a great vibe to them, real old school. Was driven away for a long while by storys that simply didnt interest me but you have yanked me back in. Tell me.....will you be doing any "flashback" issues? Again, thumbs up mate! Cracking stuff!
  4. Been lurking for over a year but have come out of hiding for a t-shirt......thats if this stuff is still going? Great idea by the way, special-like. 'citing! Put me down for a medium!
  5. MACH

    Astonishing X-Men

    Joss always has fantastic dialogue but Jesus isn’t everyone bored of X-men yet? I find each story to be so dull.............beautiful art though.
  6. The art is wonderful but the dialogue is completely awful! To be honest I would say it really isn’t worth the purchase.
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