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  1. The Introduce Yourself Thread

    Cheers James. Now for some spleen venting and opinion postin.
  2. The Introduce Yourself Thread

    I was checking my balls in the shower the other night and blam!. It occured to me. I need to sort my fucking shit. Get my house in order. Buss out my A game. Little flick knife's 2 now and when he calls me over or drags me across the room or sings chilis to himself...man...I need to live up to that. I'm Eli by the way. Sittin here in North London 27Blades 1st cut's the deepest So I started with my comics...which lead to me findin my 'blazers... That kinda lead me to a comic shop off Oxford street (I was down town for an interview anyhow) There I found Issue 217! What a right royal twat! I actually thought it had stopped. I remember thinkin how can real life be so taxing that you could drop comics. Well it happened. That's the bad news over. I now have to fill a hole for issue 102 to issue 216. The bloods back in my vains people. Reading that 1st bit back sounds like one of my balls went off in the shower.