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  1. Aren't you the lucky one... ;)
  2. I am so pissed that they're not having a premiere. I think it's a evil snub to the land that brought forth Jahn Constanteen in the first place.... :icon_2gun: Did y'all see Film 2005 tonite. I could kill Jonathan Woss right now... :icon_twosgun:
  3. If they're so minded, why watch the movie in the first place.... :wacko:
  4. So, has the chat happened already? Does anyone have a transcript?? :icon_evil:
  5. True dat, true dat.... I have a feeling in my guts that it would get the 'R' rating.
  6. I can't remember posting this... 2005 Preview: Constantine From Total Film UK
  7. YES! *does happy dance* Thanks Ocean!
  8. Have we got one thread for premiere info? I didn't see one... A radio station in Malaysia is offering free [flight- and premiere] tickets to the Hong Kong premiere of Constantine with information that Keanu Reeves will attend. The premiere in Malaysia will be on the 14th of February. This is a link to a Movie News site in Chinese announcing the Hong Kong premiere with Keanu Reeves. (No new details.) From Keanuweb.
  9. Ok. I've uploaded all of Rogans scans to my server. So, if you're missing any you can pick 'em up here.
  10. HAHAHAHAHAH! That was taking the piss - literally... :p
  11. That's right Tom. Got a problem with that? :p
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