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  1. lol, the big circle contains symbols from the zodiac and centers the person in the universe and the triangle is a conjuration of powers symbol to help conjure up spirits for rituals this is only the begining of the tattoo the finished design is similar to constantines and will ward of demons and anything else trying to harm the wearer as for the tattoo it was done by a good friend of mine who helped me find meanings and symbols for it
  2. I know its an old post now but I'd just thought I'd update it with my recent tattoo (ok it was done before chrismas but i've just got round to posting it) bit blury as the lighting was crap and so is my camera
  3. just on the subject of the movie I know alot of people didnt like it but I thought it wasnt to bad, I say that as a movie not in any relation to the comics, dont get me started on there "vison" of constantine. I have an argument with a guy at work almost everyday, about comic movies i.e he hates the fact that spider-man doesnt have web shooters and the fact that prof x died and magneto lost his powers in x-men 3, all i keep shouting back it its not Earth 616 (if you dont know earth 616 is the main marvel earth and various spin offs happen on differnt earths not to disrupt the time line) so I see the movie as a what if.. version (I can see that being turned into "What if hellblazer was shit) of the vertigo universe. the movie had some nice points like his tattoos, the idea was right but were used differntly as his arm ones are the mark of the red king that is used by alcamists and is linked to sulpher, as in the film the coming of deamons is marked by the smell of sulpher and his pack tattoo is all about the zodiac and the universe. I did alot of research in to that and I know some people in glastonbury through my brother that know alot about it as I've had the same design altered for me and tattooed on my back (there is a pic of it floating around the forum). The whole mammon thing is mentioned in the bible and hells bible and describe pritty much as they used it in the film. Uniteresting film fact, the spear of destiny is the same one that is in the hellboy film and can be seen whem myers first enters the B.P.R.D As I said nice points in the film just badly writen and directed
  4. maybe due to the bad tpb publishing scedual mina didnt get to read all his engines, lol
  5. I think it all depends on what sort of day he's had as in #214 quote: "I could tell him that it's the boneyard baron who comes for a crow feather, not a master care-for. and the crucifix being upside-down will get samedi's juices flowing good and proper. but I'm not in the mood right now. no one' paying me to save the world from is fucking self" that is after the whole stopping armageddon thing in stairing at the wall. going all the way back to his first aperance in swanp thing he helps swap thing learn how to use some of his powers but it is due to an alteria motive, so if the girl was the key to something big that constantine was involed it then yes but he would get chas to do most of it or con someone else to go in for him, if not i still think he would because of the newcastle incident when he sent the girls soul to hell and went in to ravenscar because of it. so all in all yes but someone else would go in he'd con them some how in to doing it (sorry my spelling is crap at the mo)
  6. thats very cool guys, just the fact that some of you helped by sending pics and stuff let alone your names on the cover is unreal just spoted john and ade on my copy of #194 thats amazing aswell you dont know how envious I am
  7. just re-read the time line and for the best part it matches up. Just a couple of things about the later entries, the time-line in the rare cuts tpb states the events of stairing at the wall happen in 2004 and the red sepulture happen in 2003 also john doesnt defet manor untill 2002 this would tie up the 18 bloody months after being declared dead quote. The burning of his lock up and the tate club dinner could well have been in 2005 as so far there is only the insident with map in the underground on the 11/07/05(english date layout) in 2005 that have been put in a comic. With the empathy is the enemy and right red hand arcs there happend in the summer of 2006 as chapter 4 of right red hand is set on the 1st of june when england played portugal in the quater finals of 2006 world cup so empathy would have happend about 2 weeks before this. I read all his engines again for the 3rd time and I do think it was set in autunm 04 I dont want to spoil it for anyone who hasnt read it...the way chas family reacts to constantine is even worse than in #195-196 so they obviously still harbour the memorys of when constantine was force to almost kill chas grandaughter and that chas beat up his wife as a direct result of johns past, at the end of all his engines hes still in america and i'm not sure if it has ever been put in a comic...so highlight back from here (tryed to mach the colour as best I could, its hard being colourblind). just my 2 cents on another note good luck with the writing andy, look forward to reading your work
  8. Just re-reading a couple of issues and i came to issue #214, as i looked at the cover and especialy the graffiti I noticed the names of all the forums regulars, how cool is that, most of you on here have become a part of comic history. how did it all come about
  9. I think the left red had thing is a cock up, if it is its been going from issue 225 as when cole is first introduce charlie holds out coles left hand with a red mark on it, she said it was a hysterical reaction. in issue 226 the last 3 pannels show cole with a red left hand so that ties up with #225 but in #226 all of the pannels that show cole bar one he has a red right hand now if you ask me thats a the biggest school boy error i've seen sort it out guys
  10. nice work, just one thing I saw when reading it there is no reference to "all his engines" the comic states that the arc happens in the autumn of 2004 so where does it fit in with the other carry arcs
  11. i remember where i've seen the t-shirt symbol before its on a doller bill on the subject of masonry my mum is a nurse and she trained at the royal masonic hospital in london and when she qualified she was give this belt buckle to where on her uniform
  12. yeah i know that, it was just a something I was saying as I've had a couple of tattos myself and seen alot done it different ways and in the comic its done in an old fashioned and very painful way if it was real
  13. lol, I'll have to look out for those posts. just intersted in what the tattoo said and unfortunatly latin isnt a strong point of mine(and the number of times I've used the spellcheck english isnt). I've seen a couple of posts that have said this tattoo isnt perminant but after a re-read it looks as if it is but it is done in an old fashion way on needles or tattoo guns just something sharp and some ink. I'm not to worryed about the FBI as i live in the UK but on a note about the occult stuff my brother is a druid which is very cool as I get to see all kinds of wierd and wonderful stuff that he can do.
  14. Hi all I found this page on straight to hell http://www.insanerantings.com/hell/comics/...s/hb181ann.html and was wondering if anyone knows where i can find the translation mentioned in the article, i've searched the dc forum but cant find it. attached is a pic of the cover just to let you know what i mean thanks guys
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