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  1. Alan Moore wipes arse with V for Vendetta flick

    Alan Moore is a perfect example of why geniuses should not write for comic books. The quality of his work attracts the Hollywood-types, who then go on to butcher his work. Alan Moore stages a public hissy fit. Repeat every two years.
  2. Do You My Space.com?

    Fixed that little problem... 8-) I do like the phote of Keanu talking to the spider under the glass.
  3. Denise Mina Asks Questions

    So THAT'S where the finger in the chili came from.....
  4. Denise Mina Asks Questions

    Often salt is used in circles of protection. But is all wrong, see? Sure. A circle of salt will protect you from demons, but a demon can wait a very long time. So the so-called circle of protection becomes a prison for the person inside it.
  5. Do You My Space.com?

    Hellblazer fans on My Space.com
  6. Why isn't this guy doing covers for DC??

    Warning: You may want to have a clean pair of underwear handy before viewing this guy's galleries!! http://www.rblack.org :o
  7. This thread is not for the squeamish...

    Come om, Keanu! Your acting isn't that bad, innit?
  8. Bradstreet at LA Wizard World

    AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!! I moving to LA in April and will miss the show!!!!!!!! I guess I'll have to change my name to A Rake In LA....
  9. Constantine 2

    I don't know where this thread has gone over the past 8 pages, but Constantine is dropping fast in the US box office. For a movie that reportedly cost $90 million, $66 million is pretty bad.
  10. Seen Constanteen ? Talk about it in here!

    This movie was OK, if you've never read Hellblazer before and took it at face value. I didn't like all the gadgets and I was happy when Bee Man died. John Constantine is NOT a supernatural James Bond. I did like the dark humor, sorry, I mean humour like the billboards, like the "Got Faith?" one. I also liked the priest trying to drink the liquor but nothing would come out. The movie had the most realistic angel wings I've ever scene, and I thought they looked cool as well. I liked the Lucifer scenes as well, except I wish Lucifer had lit John's cigarette with his finger and not a lighter. I mean, c'mon... I give this movie a C+. Could have been a lot worse.
  11. Constantine is rated "R" ?

    yeah. Sorry to drop off the face of the Earth, but I quit collecting comic books cold turkey after Hellblazer 200. Ska music now takes up a lot of my free time. I still check in here from time to time.
  12. Constantine is rated "R" ?

    I thought Warner Brothers was really trying to get a PG-13 rating?