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  1. *shivers* God I love it... exactly how I imagined John. Especially the third one down on the right, what with his cold eyes and frown...
  2. I like how he makes John look a bit psychotic. He DEFINITELY captured John's smile, they way I had always imagined it. Completely conning, cunning, and totally profane.
  3. I just started on Hellblazer a few months back. Bought a big lot of most of them for cheap, been reading up to date. I just hit 151, Marcelo Frusin's first run as artist, and I was curious what everyone thought of his art style? I personally love it... it really gives John that worn, demonized look.
  4. Chindi


    Actually I would greatly appreciate that.... either catch me on my aim name, thirdfloornorth, or email it to me at thirdfloornorth@gmail.com. You would make my day.
  5. Chindi


    A long while back I bought a massive lot of Hellblazer... I just read up to 141 and realized that I am missing 142-145. *Cries* I feel unwhole...
  6. Oh... DUH... *facepalms* I shoulda caught that. Thankee ^_^
  7. Wait, so then that whole bloody bit with selling his soul to the three lords and, in the end, pulling the proverbial bugging wool over the Devils eyes in one of the biggest fits of genius ever was... for nothing? Suck.
  8. I am sure that this isn't the first time that it has happened, but I just realized it. Ont he cover of #129, John has hazel eyes. Um... yeah.
  9. Hellblazer #128, Part Four of Four in "How To Play With Fire" **SPOILER** I got the general jist of it, until right near the end. John... signs his soul back over to the First? Ok... that is fine. He gave him a letter to deliver to "Tom", the old Shephard from a few issues back, entitled "To Dad" (that got a nice gasp of realization from me). Now, after that, things kinda break down for me. Is Tom the Holy Spirit or Jesus? What exactly is the deal John makes with Tom? What is the influence he has Tom remove from "him and his friends". Just, generally, whats up with Tom and John's deal?
  10. Is issue 060, where the Succubus Chantinelle and the angel have a baby, is it related to the crossbreed from Preacher? Are they one iand the same?
  11. I have been searching for John's back tattoo. All I have found is ONE picture of it on a cover (Tim Bradstreet, 181) [attached], and a reference to it in the Constantine movie deleted scenes. Can anyone point me to more pictures of it? Details on it? Anything at all? It would be greatly appreciated.
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