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  1. What's going on with you?

    I haven't been around that much, but here's what's been going with me: I moved out on my own to a little apartment in the city (in a building my mother owns so I don't pay rent), but I go back to my mom's house in the suburbs quite often. My involvement in the school newspaper has ruined my life. I'm totally and completely failing Calculus, with an average of around 54% at this point, which is just ridiculous because I'm also applying to Yale (provided I actually finish writing the application essay) and plus, I had no reason whatsoever to take Calculus II at ALL. On the other hand, I discovered that I really like The Smiths.
  2. The Compleat Show Your Face thread!

    You know who he is, don't you? He's the guy who wrote The Physics of Superheroes. This was taken at the newspaper office at school. He's giving a talk or something soon.
  3. The Compleat Show Your Face thread!

    This is me from a few seconds ago.
  4. What's going on with you?

    This actually happened a few weeks ago, but I've been promoted to Sports Editor at my school newspaper after the previous guy quit/was fired. It's kind of hectic and I'm a little overwhelmed, but we take the paper very seriously here, so I'm really happy.
  5. Yakko Smakko & Dot present...

    I saw Ang Lee's new film Lust, Caution yesterday. It was a bit disappointing, maybe because I was so looking forward to it. The sex scenes were much more explicit than I thought they'd be. Overall, I have mixed feelings about it.
  6. What's going on with you?

    I turned 18 over a month ago and I still haven't attempted to buy alcohol. I'm lame.
  7. Graphic Novels to read before you die.

    Fun Home-(w/a) Alison Bechdel
  8. The Shittest Character In Hellblazer, Ever!

    I still haven't voted. It's so hard. They're all so... shitty. How can I possibly decide? I almost voted for Agent Turro. But then I remembered Nigel. And the King of Vampires is pretty bad, too. I better decide soon. When are you closing this?
  9. What's going on with you?

    That's great See being a comic book nerd does pay off in the end. Yeah, actually the coach said "Good, we haven't had a comic book expert in 5 years." And then I crumbled because of the pressure.
  10. Garth Ennis on Hellblazer

    I voted "alright", but then, I haven't read much other than the stories collected in trades. So maybe if one day I do end up reading all his stuff I'll have a worse opinion of him.
  11. What's going on with you?

    Something really awesome happened yesterday. I joined this trivia quiz league thing at school, right, called Reach for the Top, where we play against other schools and might end up on TV. Anyway, yesterday I went to a practice and one of the questions was: Coach: Which comic book character was once known as scientist Alec Holland- Me: *Presses buzzer* I can't believe this is a question! Oh my God! Coach: Wh- Me: Swamp Thing! Oh my God!
  12. The Compleat Show Your Face thread!

    This is me at the newspaper office at my school, about five minutes ago.
  13. Nominations for the shittest character ever in HB

    Yes! Finally one I can completely agree with. I think that as poorly written as the King of Vampires and the First of the Fallen were, they had some redeeming qualities. Or at least, I enjoyed some parts of Constantine's interaction with them.
  14. What's going on with you?

    I didn't! But I haven't been around here very much and it seems lots of things have happened. Mark broke his leg? When?
  15. What's going on with you?

    School starts in one week. I feel sick.