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  1. Every week a world is in jeopardy :p Every rumor is true and every myth is fact also prophecies will be fulfilled if not in this issue it would be in the next Tights is always in fashion
  2. Well IMO in the movie Kingpin kinda lost his finesse and a bit of sophistication, yes he was strong and a brute but rarely resort to those tactics, I think Michael Clarke Duncan was a so and so Kingpin. It would really be hard though to cast somebody like kingpin.
  3. Yeah true lot's of stereotypes back then on the old comics. I’m all for multi racial cast but for the sake of continuity of old characters, please leave them alone. Just add aother Mutant or Hero. But on the Daredevl part, that was the only redeeming quality they did. Because I had DAREDEVIL THE MAN WITHOUT FEAR SET #1 - 5 , he really has a dark background, he kinda started off killing gangs that where connected to the murder of his father, it was infact one of the most well written and my favorite mini series on his franchise IMO. And one of my first read when I was a kid. He wore his cool first costume, black overalls and a blindfold.
  4. Jebus.... One of the reasons I kinda stay away from the Marvel Ultimates franchise. All they need now is someone looking asian. Not being racist here.. it's just that I got that same feeling when they turned Kingpin black for the movie, he's just not the same Kingpin. Wonder thought what made why they made him black.
  5. Why is nick fury... err ... black Guess every movie needs a token black guy O-o
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