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  1. I keep having this vision of the t-shirts, snugly stowed away in wooden boxes, floating somewhere in the Atlantic... :rolleyes:
  2. Hey John and Spiderlegs, The t-shirts are looking great. Mmmm... my boyfriend is going to look *really* good in one of those. :wink: I've got PayPal all set up and ready, so payment is coming as soon as you work out a 'retail price' and where to send the money. By the way, if you would need help with calculating a price for the t-shirts (including shipping costs and such), I'd be happy to help out. Price calculations were part of my professional training, and it's no trouble at all for me.
  3. My fault. It'll be in the post tomorrow ! :icon_redface: <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  4. Hmmm... STH Meetup in the Ship = Ade and John + Mike Carey = Maddi will soon get her signed copy of All His Engines??? Er... :unsure:
  5. Boyfriend said he'd like one in Large, if it's a screen print. Which it is. So please add 1 Large shirt to the list. Except now I have a problem, because I can't vote in the poll anymore... :unsure:
  6. My boyfriend may want one too, I'll probably know later today... so please don't close on the order just yet, John.
  7. I'd like a small, John. Can't disagree with Pooka though... XS wouldn't be wrong if it's an American size.
  8. Well, I like reading about how Constantine is doing in both its home market and overseas. So thanks for posting those reports, Ocean. And never mind Kris, he's our cuddly resident misanthrope. :wink:
  9. Indeed. reviews over here aren't too bad, it gets three stars mostly (out of 5). As for exposure... I haven't seen any billboards or film posters anywhere, not even at bus stops. Only two film theatres in my town show Constantine, and the more family oriented one of the two only has two film showings at night. Not even a matinee. So I can't see it doing great here, to be honest.
  10. No, I didn't get it yet (you know why - that little detour through London is worth waiting for). Looking forward to it very much, though. I'll post here again when I've read it.
  11. I figure the questions asked right at the start may have had the best chance of getting in. I'm glad yours got through, the twist in Lawrence's answer was one of the highlights of the chat.
  12. Re: Lawrence's answer to the Brunei question - I liked the bit where he says that the pirated copies are going to be all over China, so that the Chinese fans will see it anyway, but don't have to pay for it. I thought that was pretty funny.
  13. Well, there must have been hundreds of questions asked, and I think the chat could have been a lot worse. I liked the question (and answer) about the Brunei ban on Constantine.
  14. C'mon Spider, you're exaggerating. For the record, Francis Lawrence and Keanu were asked what their favourite Hellblazer book is. Francis said: "Dangerous Habits, which is the most human and relatable". Keanu: "Ditto".
  15. I'm in and I can see the chat. Nothing much exciting going on. No Hellblazer fans asking questions so far. Anyone got questions they want to ask? Ask now...
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