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  1. Adrift makes creating these games mind numbingly easy. Its Windows based (but there are runners to run the games on Macs and Unix) and literally you click "Add Room" to add a room, type a description, give it N,S,E,W direction to a new room then add another room. There are a lot of options that make it powerful so you create tasks that the Player Character must complete to get to certain parts of the game, events that can be triggered by the tasks, or randomly or whatever. It's a very cool easy to use system, and absolutely NO programming learning. All point-n-click.
  2. This one goes out to some of the more old school computer people out there like me. I've been playing IFs (Interactive Fiction's....IE Text Adventures) ever since I've owned a computer. If you were not aware there is still a very active IF community that writes new IFs all the time. There is a development system called Adrift with makes creating these games immensly easy. It's windows based and has the ability to incorporate sound files and pictures to enhance the game. I would LOVE to see some of you people writing Fan Fiction to check it out and develop a Hellblazer IF. I write my own horror IFs and feel I'd screw up a HB IF so I've never attempted it. Anyway...thought I'd throw that out there for you guys if you are interested in checking out Adrift or IFs here are a couple links that will help: http://www.adrift.org.uk http://www.ifarchive.org
  3. Fun poll, but truthfully I knew from groaning day 1 I'd go see this movie. Yeah I know it's going to be a complete mockery of the books I've been reading for years. I was heartily dissappointed from the very instant I heard Keanu's name. But bottom line...I'll still go see it. What can I say, I'm a huge movie fan I see many many many movies. This will be another one of them.
  4. Pretty much a true statement. Although I do think that Spiderman II the video game was a pretty decent run through. With that being a decent cross over game why are still doing things like that: http://gamesdomain.yahoo.com/ps2/the_incre...s/preview/47671 Run run run, press you action button, run run, press your action button three times, run run....
  5. I agree w/spiderlegs. I've had shirts printed several times and I don't think they should be that high for Prod. costs. Heck one place I used were much cheaper, free screen fees, free shipping and the shirts came folded in nice little plastic bags. I used them twice, very pleased w/them did everything over the internet/phone (mostly via e-mail) and not one snag. Here's their link if you want to just look into them: http://www.silkscreen-printing.com/
  6. It's game based on the movie. I personally don't expect much reall HB material to be present. Now that doesn't mean it won't be a fairly good first person shooter, but it's gonna be a bit hard to give Doom 3 a run for it's money. WHat a great game that was.
  7. That's a good point but probably a bit over analyised...trying to figure out what a demon thinks "romance" entails and all. Nah I think it's just that she is twisted and threw that around to make the charade more real/important to John, make him think he really was in a true love situation. That way when the children came to fruition it would emotionally that much more devistating to him. I think screwing with the human psyche is more along the lines of what it's about, she's thinking she got plenty of time for the physical/metaphysical stuff later.
  8. I never told him NOT to slam a music type, I simply slammed HIS then said why I was doing so. Maybe I should have ammended it say: Just remember, millions of bands with thousands of styles/sounds attracted to millions of different listeners and we all are going to speak our minds about it. But whatever now we are WAY out in left field with semantics of internet conversations.
  9. See that? That's hypocrisy, that is. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> How in any fashion is that hypocrisy? Everyone's entitled to their own tastes. It certainly is up to each person to find what they like/dislike. It comes to each person's own OPINION....that's where the scathing nature of my "Indie Rock=Candy-assed" came from. If someone's opinion is all metal is kack well then I feel justified in voicing my own opinion of Indie. The point of the above comment was don't make broad statements without expecting someone to have a rebuttal. BUT yes this has gone WAY off topic.
  10. I take back my thought of raising the rating from 3 to 4...this was a SOLID 3 out of 10. Let me clarify my position. See I'm into the story, I like the angle, it was just RUSHED. Yes this is a typical problem I see with a lot of expanded issues. A Great story super-compressed into too short of length to tell it. If this had been a full 4 book story arc we could have pulled it off a little better, this would have devoted in essence a full book to each child and a final closing of the story. Basically if it would have been about twice as long it would have worked. Realtionships in these alternative lives should have been fleshed out more, nuances expanded on that way the betrayal of each child would have felt more severe. I enjoyed this book but nearly every page I found something I would have changed or expanded on speaking in terms of the story alone. For my thoughts on the artwork see my post in the All His Engines thread.
  11. Yeah so I figured but like I say to give it a fair shake I did indeed read through again last night. So onto Manco's work on the book: Pretty darn good in all honesty, the fingers thing does come up but then again the panel where he searches the dean's desk drawer his hand and fingers look very real. SO art speaking I think it's a let down because you have to muddle through 27 pages of blah and Manco is not enough to save the book in my opinion. Dillon's work was very mundane and boring. Frusin only slightly better, I mean that full page panel of Swamp Thing....he blew his chance for a great moment. This panel should have decpicted agony as Thing is being tortured. All I see is a captive, it was just not to the level it should have been...this is HELLBLAZER after all one of the most shocking books ever put to monthly! For my problems w/the story see the #200 thread.
  12. Tell you what in all fairness to the book, I'll revisit it tonight...you know with some time and a fresh head between readings and what-not and I'll post on it later. I do usually read my HB's twice and I haven't been through this one a 2nd time yet.
  13. Yeah I really enjoyed the Royal Blood story arc. I have friends who tend to read my TPB's (I don't trust them with my actual comics) and I KNOW I could get them hooked on HB if Royal Blood was in TP format.
  14. Well not only no, but fuck no. I'm nothing near a redneck actually, if I were would I have jumped so quickly to the defense of metal? Actually I use Candy-assed in a well educated statement in reference to Indie Rock. I've been in the underground music scene for a long long time now. I've heard indie CDs seen indie shows, and gave 'em all a chance...with a VERY precious few there are none worthing borthering over.
  15. OK I gave it the 3 rating. It wasn't terrible, but man this book really kind of bored me. I know it's a development book and things will spawn from this and that stuff will probalby be cool and kick major ass. Such is the way with HB. To me this was a VERY OK issue. As for art I don't think it's Dillon's best. I again I got bored w/the art, but then maybe the story was boring me and pulling my attention down on the art. SO in retrospect maybe a 3 is a bit harsh...but if I did it over it'd certainly not go over the 4 point...still 3 is my gut instinct.
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