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  1. I saw it yesterday. I was expecting a little more of it though. The genre blending was a problem, the jokes indeed weakened the tension. The fact that I was heavily spoiled probably that I wasn't blown away by it. I LOVED the scene with lucifer though. When he holds that lighter in front of John, the whole audience laughed. They laughed about a lot of things actually. Me too. I think the dialogue was good, very funny and sharp. I also think the acting was great. But Tilda Swinton....I don't know. She was good, but when she appeared in the end with that "Your ego is...." line ...it was so weird. I didn't really get why she was there all if a sudden. I really don't get why critics find the acting bad....I think everyone did great. Well, Shia wasn't great but he just did what he had to do. It wasn't bad or anything.
  2. HHAHHAH!!! Nah, he'll probably smoke somewhere during the sequel. After something bad happens he'll smoke again.
  3. Ha, I thought my eyes were doing strange things but it actually is purple. I really don't get that Matadoot fellow. He was right about the R rating but why is he so persistent? I don't get it. Isn't his job over right now. Someone needs to get him a life.
  4. Well, the major paper in Holland gave it a good review, also some compliments on Keanu's performance, very human et all. They do think the story should have either less jokes or more jokes cos right now it's in between which tones done the tension and excitement. If it had more jokes it should be a parody, they say. Then my beloved Tv guide came in and gave a good review, also on the acting (except Satan, they found it not bad, but a little bit weird) Well, I haven't got an idea how it will do in Holland here, but i haven't heard a negative word. I'm going to see it tonight and I will like it...I have no choice.
  5. Thanks. It won't make a bit of difference, though. But I don't think there will be a "Constantine 2" unless the box office numbers hold for a few weeks. Casting Keanu costs money. Besides, not even non-Hellblazer fans want to spend money watching him chew gum for a whole movie. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Mwheh, speak for yourself.
  6. Maybe Constantine 2 will be a romantic comedy. Angie and Johnny... How can they do Fear and Loathing? Angela instead of Kit? And who will put his head in the toilet? A grown-up Chaz?
  7. If they'll do Rake at the Gates of hell they maybe let him visit Englands instead of the other way around. Then you'll guys get a chance to throw eggs when they're filming. But I'd like a sequel, and Damnations flame is a good choice I think.
  8. Interesting to see how things got the way they are.
  9. I respect, but I myself would just be too curious even if ,let's say, a Keanu biography was made with blond afro hair Keanu that loves media attention and marries J.LO.
  10. Oh my God, I never heard before of this!!! This is insane (Not really meant offensive to people who take this seriously. I admire that :;)) Impudence, Hate, Wanton Violence, Crime, Sexual Immorality, Drugs/Alcohol, Offense to God, Suicide, Murder.....Will they really do that on Constantine?? Cos it's ALL in it....the list ill be endless. It would be SO much fun :D
  11. Ah Sethos, you really not going to see it, EVER? ever ever ever? I'm going to see it the 24th when it opens in holland with my parents and my sis, if we can get her in....she's 12 ;)
  12. Oh i fast forwarded Shia, sorry James. I just thought you'd like to hear how familar the people involved with the film were with the comic and what they ahd to say to you. :(
  13. I'd like to know if Tilda's fanatic friend knows this board. Ah well at least they all seem to have respect for you "hard-core"( ;) )fans. Did you see the making of too? It has much new footage. I like the new footage cos' my expectation were a bit lowered after the recent clips and reviews, but now I'm all excited again! Oh and I thought: what a nice interviewer, complementing Keanu en Rachel on their performances. But then she said the EXACT same "Oh my god You did an a-ma-zing job" to Shia, Djimon, Francis, Tilda and Gavin. Maybe she thinks they all did such a good job, but she also kept asking the same questions so she probably had a paper with her lines. Isn't Rachel Weisz charming with that French actress hair?
  14. There's some really good exclusive stuff over here !! There's a making of with lots of exclusive material in it. Also the 'Going down?' lift scene which is really cool. And interviews with most involved. The reporter asks everyone (Tilda, gavin, Shia, Keanu, Francis, Rachel) if they read/knew the comics and what they want to say to the Hellblazer fans. Tilda says a friend of her is a major major Hellblazer fanatic 'of the dangerous kind' and... You should just see it. So much things they say about hellblazer and so much new stuff.
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