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  1. He is Welsh though, right? He was the voice of Edward Kenway in Assassin's Creed 4 (who was Welsh).
  2. Hi you lot. I think the prevailing feeling here is cautiously optimistic. Which is how I also feel, naturally. It looks like they're incorporating a version of Astra, which means we could get a version of Newcastle, which piques my interest. That and the mention of his soul being bound for hell makes me hope they'll have a crack at doing the Critical Mass storyline. Which further leads me to hope they'll try and adapt and incorporate some of the better arcs of Hellblazer interspersed with whatever their ongoing take on it is.
  3. This is shit. I don't see why they can't just have Hellblazer continue parallel to all that shit, like Marvel does with their MAX line. I don't see why Hellblazer needs to be taken away just to legitimize the New 52 version. About three quarters of the new 52 stuff should be cancelled first.
  4. Well, I can't speak to that. I would like to say however, that this whole "walking across America" sounds like the dumbest, most ill-conceived storyline in some time. I would have thought they'd never gone along with something like that when Superman must be a difficult book to bring new readers onto anyway. Also, what's up with Straczinsky jumping ship on all these supposedly high-profile massive storylines he starts?
  5. RE: That whole Emma Frost in X-Men Origins Wolverine thing: They had a girl who was blonde and turned into diamond, but she was Silver Fox's teenage sister in the movie, her character was hardly in it and she didn't act in any way like Emma Frost. I don't think they even explicitly stated that she was named Emma Frost either, so I think they can get away with that piece of supposed discontinuity. I mean, come on. They're still talking about make a Deadpool movie. If continuity was a the forefront of the producers' minds they'd have to swing one hell of a workaround for that one.
  6. Chris


    I really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun right the way through. I quite liked the Hawkeye cameo also.
  7. Chris

    Constantine 2

    I think Francis Lawrence just has a few mental disconnects here and there. Which probably explain Constantine and I Am Legend in the first place.
  8. Chris

    Constantine 2

    Seriously? The Constantine movie has a "cult following" ? Did I miss something?
  9. I'm not sure what use in blanking out Zatanna was. As soon as Swamp Thing was back, it was pretty obvious it was going to be John on the cover.
  10. Spoilers for who that third person was: Final Covers For Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search For Swamp Thing #1 Definitely prefer the JG Jones cover.
  11. Fair enough. I just thought I was going prematurely senile.
  12. I thought I put this in a new topic but it appears to have not actually happened, so there's this if you haven't seen it: Vankin on JC in the DCU at Newsarama EDIT: Man I'm a tard, I put the link in the 'Constantine in Brightest Day' thread.
  13. Vankin on Constantine in the DCU Here!
  14. Chris

    Ultimates v. 4.0

    It's been what, 10 years since they started the Ultimate line in order to bring in new readers who are afraid of being bogged down by continuity? Maybe they should just close the book on the Ultimate Universe and start a whole new one.
  15. Chris

    Ultimates v. 4.0

    It'll be good. Hickman's got the chops to pull of something grand I reckon, based on Ultimate Thor, (and all his other stuff). The Ultimate Universe has been pretty shit since Ultimatum. (I still think Ultimate Spider-Man is good though)
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