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  1. I hope I get to work on some illustrations for this one. Tears sent me a couple of very positive emails while the first one was being made.
  2. go to www.bigfanboy.com then select the 25th pod cast (should be right hand side of the screen).
  3. I was listening to a pod cast on bigfanboy.com. It had Steve Niles, Todd Farmer, Tim Bradstreet, Adam Hughes as guests. Towards the end they were talking to some chap from the UK who was reporting on Bristol. The host then asks whether John or Ade were at the show and refers to Straight to Hell. Cool!
  4. Hi guys I needed to get a new copy of tainted, so I picked up one of the new printings at Bristol. Ummm does anyone else have one that's got pages 50-64 twice ? Cos mine has.
  5. Tim Seelig


    Outland and Bloom County are excellent. About 8 years ago I had a screensaver featuring Opus and Bill. It came free with a PC magazine. It had Opus doing Tarzan type stuff, Bill trying to cross busy highways populated by computer chips amongst other things. It was the first time I'd ever seen these characters animated. Yeah I need collections Breathed stuff!!!!! Off to Amazon then
  6. I bloody hope so! No idea John. Possibly not as issue three came out a little later than the expected date.
  7. Hi Folks yes I've brought it up again but I got my copies in the post a couple of days ago, and I'm dead chuffed.
  8. Tim Seelig

    more art

    hi folks - just lettin you know there's another piece in the wares section. ta ta T
  9. Hi Folks Just hot footed it back from the cinema. Generally, not bad. Specifically, what the fuck is Vinnie Jones doing in that film??? Has about 6 lines of dialogue, and I cringed at the delivery of all of them, although the writer could've come up with something better. I take it those of you who stayed to the end of the credits saw the fact that Charles had transfered his mind into the old man that Moira McTaggart was looking after. Which makes me think Jean may do the same, and Magneto's gonna get his powers back, which gives them the excuse blah blah, as with any Marvel story, to bring everyone back! The only other bits I didn't really like was Phoenix just tends to stand around not doing much while Magneto gives his speeches etc. Got the feeling Archangel was just for show because he's in it for a couple of minutes. Oh and after Magneto moved the bridge which I loved, he sets it down, and bang! night falls, instantly it's completely dark. No cut away to stuff going on elsewhere. And the rather sudden end. It was like Big Fight...okay who's left....okay better get back to it then, and it just semi-ties itself up saying 'well actually we didn't want to stop there.' It's a shame - I think Singer was missed on this one, and I like what Ratner did with Red Dragon so I wasn't dreading this one, but it could've been better.
  10. I thought Zelig was the german word ? oh, hang on...... okay looked it up - you're right Selig is the German word. Well well...I'm more German than I thought, go figure.
  11. okay the break down of my name is as follows. Tim - short for "Timothy" which is derived from two Greek words - "Timeo" meaning "I honour," and "Theos" meaning God. I would imagine an earlier version if it was greek would mean "I honour the gods" or "honour of the gods" - However it's earliest recorded use does seem to be the Bible. Seelig - anglosised version of German word "Zelig" which means "Blessed" - and is also the title of a rather cool Woody Allen movie. Although as James mentions it could be an anagram, possibly of the german word Liseeg, meaning "often mispelt name" ;) Apparently there's German in the family going back a century or 2 - haven't a clue really. That we know of our family has no German cousins or other relatives. But hey I haven't really looked in to it.
  12. Unless someone's getting me a red ferrari and moving me to hawaii you can stop that right now ;) It's actually a little wierd because it's usually my surname that's spelt wrong. I think the strangest I've seen on a piece of mail was addressed to Tim Szielic!
  13. Hi Everyone Make sure you check out Negative Burn in August (issue 4). http://www.comicbookresources.com/news/newsitem.cgi?id=7345 Tim (or in this case Tom)
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