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  1. Missy was choking back the tears and was very overwhelmed when I showed her the forum banner and all the well wishes from you all. She's shared it with the family and they send their heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the gesture. Guys, I can't express to you how much it means to them to know that there are so many good people out there that were touched by Stevhan in some way. Love you bunch - TB
  2. John, Ade - I'm absolutely and genuinely touched to the core. Stev's family is most deeply touched by the honor extended on Stevhan's behalf. I'd say that's a classy fucking move of the highest degree but that would be understating it. xo - tb
  3. Thanks a ton everyone. If any of you are on a Facebook and are interested, I have posted a Hellblazer Memorial gallery in honor of Stevhan. It's full of photos and out-takes from our photoshoots between 1998 and 2006. If you have any trouble accessing it let me know. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=10056...amp;aid=2022376 xo - tb
  4. Sincerely appreciate the support everyone. It's been a black day here and your well wishes give us all strength. Stevhan would be massively touched. I know that WE are. He was a huge comics fan and portraying Constantine was a real thrill for him. You guys are class all the way. xo - tb
  5. To my extended family at Master McMahon's Hellblazer forum - It's extrememly difficult for me to report that my brother in law, my friend, my brother, Stevhan Gobble was tragically killed this morning in a traffic accident near his home in Chicago. To Hellblazer fans Stevhan was the face of John Constantine during my 7 year association with the title. He was 40 years old. We're devastated. Please keep Stevhan in your thoughts as he is in our hearts. - tb
  6. Congrats to Simon. I hope he finds a way to challenge himself and have fun with this awesome character. Lee told me he was splitting a little while back. I was bummed but I completely understood his reasoning. He did some really GREAT work on this book. - TB
  7. Godamnit I miss you discerning bastards! Sorry to see Bermejo not gracing this cover. Sad to see Fabry didn't return in style. SteeeRange cover to be sure. All my best to you magnificent fuckers. - TB
  8. Anybody who thinks they're cooler than that is wrong. Brian Bolland makes me want to chuck all my art out the window and become a vaccuum cleaner salesman. - tb
  9. That'll be in my XXX File page, currently under construction. - tb
  10. Andy, we're gonna go gunnin' for those sons a bitches. OK, I went and done it finally. Couldn't remain a dinosaur forever. It's official, I've gone off the deep end and joined MySpace. Go check it out - http://www.myspace.com/tbradstreet And for a look at the 1st cover to the new story arc on Criminal Macabre (issue #5) check out my pics gallery on MySpace and scroll down - http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?...endID=161855547 Or hit my official page where it is spotlighted in my most recent update - http://timbradstreet.typepad.com xoxo - Tb
  11. That really sucks that you guys are having a hard time getting the issues. I'll talk to my editor about the UK distibution but it may be that most smaller shop owners only order titles based off customer orders. Like I mentioned, the initial orders were not strong, but once people saw it they wanted it and so the reorders were great, Still, that doesn't leave much to sit out on the stands in plain view of the browser looking for a gem or something he/she wasn't aware of. That's kind of how I am. When I do find my way to a shop I just look over the racks trying to find something that catches my eye, subsequently I end up missing a lot, mostly the stuff that isn't tried and true stockable like Marvel/DC. I'm working pretty hard to up the visability and get Macabre into the public consiousness a bit more but DH needs to get behind this too. Anyway, without further ado, I just updated my site with the newest cover to Criminal Macabre hot off my table. Go take a gander - http://timbradstreet.typepad.com Cheers - Tb
  12. I'm pretty sure the first two issues are on stands now. Anybody pick this up yet? Waiting for my comps to show but would love to know your thoughts. Also, I mentioned earlier in this thread that orders on the first issue were a bit disappointing As I suspected, reorders were VERY strong once people got a look at it so the numbers are quite solid now and growing. - Tb
  13. Least I could do for this fine community of malcontents. I was one issue away from departing the title, it was my way of saying thanks for letting me hang around here for a few years. I haven't hit the forum much lately (just busy as a knotted fuckwipe) but I stop by from time to time. You can mostly catch me in the comics section plugging current projects like Criminal Macabre. I'll be back to that thread very soon as the issues have finally started hitting stores. Incidentally, the graffiti cover is one of my faves too. Love to the Nun's Chuff - - tb
  14. Heheh, we should take that act on the road. I'd love to get the Planet gang out to the UK this summer. We have to see what shows are going on and see what Jane's schedule is like. We are going to have a booth at SDCC though for sure. That ought to be a gas. - tB PS - You can get a recap of the Livecast or download that 90 minute mammoth from here -----> http://www.bigfanboy.com/pages/livecast/bigfanboy1.html
  15. Tonight, Thursday December 14th, check out the first ever BIGFANBOY LIVECAST, featuring RAW ENTERTAINMENT boys Thomas Jane, Steve Niles, Tim Bradstreet, and Jim Daly. Host Mark Walters is going to catch up with the guys on their current and upcoming projects, plus take questions from fans in the chat room. The show begins at 8:30pm Central Time (9:30pm Eastern). To find out how you can listen and participate, just head over to http://www.bigfanboy.com and click on the LIVECAST info link. The show will also be available the following day for download. Tune it in folks! - Tb
  16. It made me wonder if there has been anyone else in the world who started reading Savage Membrane on the evening of November 1st. We should all get together every year and have a reunion. There has to be at least 6 of us. That's enough for a game of strip poker. t b
  17. Yeah, I think it works even though Big Head saw a limited audience, with Savage Membrane it kind of picks it back up like any "Old Case" - like story. That's the beauty about a private dick plot, they so often start with characters that come creeping back from their past. It doesn't matter if readers missed Big Head because they get all of the information they need along the way. Then it's cool to go back and find stuff like Big Head to see what inspired the other story (or case as it were). Here's something ironic (I don't think I ever told Steve this) - One night a few years ago my wife was getting ready for bed and she asked me if I could find her something she hadn't already read (she likes to read before bed - obviously). So I rummage through some stuff and pull out Savage Membrane. I hand it to her and then go back across the hall to my studio. Then she calls me back into the room. I walk back in and she says "read this", and hands me back the book. Chapter one begins with the line "It was the night after Halloween". This was on November 1st 2003 . . . I was like . . . Um, that's fucking creepy. Sleep tight - Tb
  18. All 3 of those prose books are way bitchin, and fast reads. To me it's the best way to introduce yourself to the character. They start out at the beginning when Cal was a DC resident before he moved out west to LA. I think Big Head actually ended up being Savage Membrane but I might be wrong. I'm hoping Niles peeks his head in here and clarifies some things for us once in a while. I tipped him on the thread and I'm pretty sure he has been lurking ;) - tb
  19. That's a good question John. I don't recall. You hit the nail on the head in reference to Lou digging this character though ;) - tb
  20. Thanks for getting us off topic Kingmob! ;) Still though, I hear you loud and clear Ade. Sounds like you, me, and Jane should get together for a tasting tour. I'm right there with you on the Lagavulin! Tony - Jack's just Jack. I mostly shoot it between beers (or a soda if I want to keep my wits about me). I've just been drinking it forever so I like the flavor, what can I say. Spider - "Oxycontin? Benzedrine? Cialis?" All of the above plus a handful of Darvocet, some Hydrocodone. . . He's an equal opportunity consumer. I think he mainly sticks to the Narcos though. When you get beat to shit as much as he does it makes sense that painkillers and muscle relaxers would be the natural choice. I just did the rough for the next cover and it's going to be one of my favorites! - Tb
  21. He feels you have no taste, he prefers Jamison, and he's first generation from Ireland? Did I get that right? I've always thought Jamison was a rather generic brew from Ireland. Kinda like Budweiser here (not that I would mistake Bud for Whiskey, but you get my drift). My favorite Whiskey (or bourbon as it were) is Maker's Mark, with Black Jack running second (I just like it OK?) ;) My favorite Scotch is Ardbeg, from the Isle of Islay, Argyll, Scotland. Ade - drinking session? Since Cal Mcdonald is of Scottish and Gaelic origin, and he's a habitual pounder and pill popper I'd have to give the stamina award to Cal. However, I'd give Constantine a bonus for being pig-headed, obstinant, and stubborn . . . and he could (and would) cheat. Trace - Thanks for the comment. - Do it Lou!
  22. Oop, and I completely forgot to mention that I just posted the cover to issue 4 over at my site. Bottom's up! - T ----------> http://timbradstreet.typepad.com
  23. Good point John. The nice thing in this situation is that for any kind of foreseeable future the creator will be the guy writing all the scripts, whereas Hellblazer has had a multitude of different writers since Delano left. Not to slight Alan Moore who actually created the character but you know what I mean. I'm glad you checked that stuff out Andy, I think you will really dig the new book. Looks like we can count Slick in too! The latest on the Cal movie front is - now that the material has (what you can consider to be) a permanent home with Dark Horse it stands to reason that Mike Richardson would have a hand in the movie rights. It's been a revolving door of publishers over the last few years but that seems to be handled now. Numbers on the first issue just came in and and they are a bit disappointing but Richardson said that didn't bother him. Which to me means that he's into Cal for the long haul. Disappointing numbers aren't going to kill us. And I think that we'll see a decent reorder once people take a look at it. My prediction is that those numbers will steadily climb to something comfortable. It's not like Criminal Macabre is anything close to an X book, but now that it's home to stay at DH it becomes all about building a hard core fan base and seeing where that takes us. Also, I'm not pimping this book because I have any kind of stake in the matter. I'm just doing covers, no percentage, and no other incentive. I'm getting behind it because I am a fan of the material and believe it's good shit. I had my choice of a handful of higher profile titles when I left Hellblazer but I picked Macabre because I love the stuff. Anyway, hope to hear more people chime in. - Tb
  24. Yeah, I am a fan of the Cal stuff. Niles first brought it to me back in the way early 90's wondering if I wanted to do, I think it was "Hairball". It was a Werewolf thing, I do remember that ;) So I've been a fan for a long time. So actually Spider, 30 Days of Night would be, if anything, a big budget Cal Mcdonald mystery. I highly recommend the short story collections that IDW put out a few years ago. Savage Membrane - http://www.idwpublishing.com/fiction/savagemembrane.shtml Guns, Drugs, and Monsters - http://www.idwpublishing.com/fiction/gunsdrugs.shtml And Dial M for Monster. I liked the first Criminal Macabre mini that Templeslith did too. And JMac, don't go get those trades just yet. Darkhorse is re-releasing them all with new covers by yours truly. The first is Supernatural Freak Machine which comes out I think in January. - http://timbradstreet.typepad.com/.shared/i...turalfmalt2.jpg Hotz's stuff on the fisrt story arc, Two Red Eyes is B-itchin. The next arc starting with issue 5 features a guest appearance by Harlowe Jane (Patricia Arquette and Tom Jane's daughter) starring on the covers (or at least one or two of them) as "The Demon Baby". Creepy-crawly fun kids. - Tb
  25. Just curious, is this the kind of book that you all might gravitate toward? It's "supernaturally" type stuff with heavy doses of black humor. A hard boiled Horror thing if you will. If you are not familiar with it maybe check this for copy on issue 1 --> http://www.darkhorse.com/profile/profile.php?sku=14-134 This for issue 2 ---> http://www.darkhorse.com/profile/profile.php?sku=14-135 And this for issue 3 -----> http://www.darkhorse.com/profile/profile.php?sku=14-136 I'm having a ball doing covers for this and I have Thomas Jane posing for me as the main protagonist, Cal Mcdonald. Also have more info and artwork for this stuff available at my site --------> http://timbradstreet.typepad.com Obviously this is the brainchild of Steve Niles. Kyle Hotz is the artist for the first 4 issue story arc, and his stuff on this is PERFECT for Cal. Let me know what you think. - Tb
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