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    Animated Conjob?

    If John and The Phantom Stranger ever showed up on JLU, I think that would make a nice addition to my list of things I'd like to see before I snuff it. I heard a rumor that they wanted The Spectre to appear on the Superman animated series, but the show ended before that was possible. That still pisses me off. Of course, I never thought I'd see an animated Question, so I guess it balances out.
  2. Just watched the second to last episode of this season of "Justice League Unlimited." I won't spoil anything for those who watch, but at the end there is a large crowd scene and I spotted someone who looks similar to our favorite con man. It's probably generic crowd member #364, but the blonde hair, tie, and coat caught my eye. I hope the attachment works. Enjoy.
  3. Wow. I forgot all about that Miniseries. I have it but never read it. Thanks for the reminder.
  4. I always wanted to see more interaction between John and The Phantom Stranger, beyond the quick meetings they have occasionally. Ever since reading the Batman/Phantom Stranger 1-shot a few years back I wanted Conjob to have a similar adventure with The Phantom Stranger. I know the whole issue of Constantine in the DCU can be a touchy subject for some fans, but I liked seeing him pop up now and then in the mainstream DCU. The fanboy in me wonders if Superman is vulnerable to magic, could JC take down the Man of Steel?
  5. I might actually play it then... Ah, who am I kidding. I'm a sucker for supernatural themed videogames. I'll just feel dirty playing it.
  6. I'm working on getting them scanned and considering putting a web page together. Now I just need to get a scanner. It's always something.
  7. This admission is going to put me firmly in geekland, but I was reading the Magic sourcebook for the DC Heroes Roleplaying Game (around '92-'93) and came across the write up for Mr. Constantine. The book gave the basic backstory on the character and I was intrigued. Then I was browsing my local comic shop and spotted issue 72 of Hellblazer (with the skeletal Lady Liberty on the cover). Bought the issue and have been hooked like a junkie ever since. I've tried to track down every appearance by Conjob and I'm building a nice collection of original sketches of Constantine. The highlight of my collection is owning an original Bradstreet cover (#182) and a Ben Templesmith sketch I got at the San Diego Con this year.
  8. Happy to be of service. Man, $350 for the shotgun? I kind of liked the look of it when I saw it at Comic-con, but that is a hefty chunk of change they're looking for. I was hoping we'd see a Constantine (the comic book Constantine) bust along the lines of the other Vertigo busts out there. I have the statue and it is one of the highlights of my collection.
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