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    “Why, sure. You stick a broom up my ass and I can sweep the floor too.” This is a personal favourite of mine, and lost me a job once, for about two hours. Totally worth it.
  2. Isn't Moore's point that the adaptations of his work are frequently one-dimensional, "dumbed down" (God, I hate that phrase) takes on his work, which add nothing to the original, and display little in the way of new creative thought? By comparison, Moore's adaptations and liftings aren't even in the same ballpark. Sure, he's possibly included some fairly outré reworkings of much loved characters, but always to an artistic end, to challenge an audience, rather than to pander to, as Christian brilliantly puts it, a demeaning opinion of the masses. I'm not going to second-guess him, but I would stake good money that if someone were to take his stories, or characters, and rework them to the kind of degree he has done with plots/characters in, say, LXG or Watchmen, he'd be considerably more impressed.
  3. It's a hard one to explain. It is, by any stretch of the imagination, the very definition of complete toss. A messy grab-bag of a film, pointless plot devices and generally, a distinct air of things being made up as they go. No-one wins any great acting honours, in particular, Freeman is phoning it in. At the same time... It's a film with a scene that involves Ang Jolie powersliding a Dodge Viper through heavy traffic whilst popping off bullets at various bad lads. About 10 minutes in. And its not even the best such sequence in the film. As a collection of utterly, utterly ridiculous action scenes (It really is like a Tex Avery/Sam Raimi co-production of The Matrix at times) it's really quite hard to beat. The final shootout is rather glorious. It's no Hard Boiled mortuary scene, but it's close. You'll never want to see it more than once, like, but for the two hours it's on, if you're not examining it in any kind of detail, it's the best kind of flashy, pointless, action bollocks. Quite definitely, it's "Good Shit"
  4. I've seen it. It's simultaneously fucking awful and not half bad. As pointless violence and ocular chewing gum goes, it's rather good, but for anything deeper it fails fairly miserably. It's very well made, stylish, kinda like Bekmambetov's previous stuff, but the problems run a fair bit deeper than any amount of film-making flash can cover. It bears little resemblance to the comics, in any case.
  5. To the best of my knowledge, you've got a case there, if the payment is by direct debit. If I recall correctly, such services are required, by law, to send a notice of debit within three days of the instruction being set up, or within ten days of the first payment being made. The notice should be clear, and concise, detailing the amounts charged. Any payments not conforming to this are subject to direct debit guarantee. Also, you can wheech the entire sum back on DDD indemnity, but it'sa pain in the hole, and the firm will hound ye till the ends of the earth for it. Although how you kept from telling them to park their domain up their fucking hole, I'll never know.
  6. I reckon the next arc is make or break for The Boys. The origins might well make the characters proper or kill them altogether. it's a good concept, and I do have faith that Garf won't piss it away in dick jokes.
  7. Jmac, no danger you could send a medium up the length of Belfast at all? Obviously, I'll pay any associated costs etc.
  8. I saw some beautiful, beautiful Hitman Trades, really nice hard-covers, high grade paper-stock etc. a while back. The only problem being, I saw them in the Czech Republic, and, naturally enough, they weren't in English. According to the local comic shop monkey, there's apparently some kind of "rights issue" tying up the English language trades, but it's unlikely to ever be resolved. Now, that sounds like a bit of a bag o'shite to me, but if anyone knows better, I'd love to know.
  9. Ennis was shockin' for Stage-Irish. To the point it makes it painful to read for me anyway (it wrecks my head). The Scousers (no disrespect intended) have a bit of commonality with some Irish accents, but the influence is toned down by now. To me, it just sounds like a Belfast spide copping a Yorkshire accent. I'd say John's accent isn't too far off Lennon's accent, maybe a bit rougher round the edges. In my head, he goes pure-bred Ron Dixon-Calm-Down-Calm-Down-Steven-Gerrard when he's annoyed at someone, though.
  10. Superb. I might actually buy a comic with Superman in it for the first time since the last time Superman and Tommy were in the same thing.
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    Fake? No shit... When one's going to the shop, the other's coming back with change.
  12. Right. The plan is in effect. I'm dropping the boys for a couple of months, and picking up when the next (ie, first proper) arc picks up. I'll go out on a limb here. I thought the first three or four issues of Transmetropolitan were complete shite. Pointless, lacking any kind of cohesion, and set in a sci fi setting seemingly because it allowed ridiculous toilet humour and huge plotholes to get papered over (not that this happened mind. I have a very cynical sense of potential) moreso than anything else. After about twelve months I picked it up again and loved every page, and retroactively bought every one. It's probably my favourite book of all time now. So, (and don't think for a minute I'm saying the Boys and Transmet are equal) I think it might be fair to let The Boys settle into rhythm before judging. After all, Ennis has been known for a great Opening followed by an average middle and finally a shite end (Preacher Anyone?). Maybe by "out-preacher Preacher" he means he's going to improve as he goes, and retain some kind of stability in tone and narrative. Cos at the minute, I don't want to think he's using up the Violence that was cut from Punisher in combination with spare dick jokes from Kev. He's too talented for that... (apoligies for writing a novella there!!!)
  13. Mainly browsing this thread when it occured to me. Garth's portrayal of the Punisher has so much to do with growing up in the North of Ireland, it's uncanny. For years we had to put up with exactly this kind of [over-used word]. Serial killers, but they where alright (to some assholes anyway), cause they only killed "themmuns" and defended "us" (The secret history of NI, by the way. Themmuns started it. We only acted in defence. Works for all persuasions!). Maybe it's just the way I read it, but having read a lot of Garth down the years, and lived through a good deal of the same shit, I'd be really surprised if it wasn't in there somewhere... Although if Bradstreet starts doing murals in Belfast...
  14. On the subject of the Title Puns, where's the pun in "Hang Up on the Hang Low"? or am I being exceptionally dense?
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    Just Lyra

    From out of her forgotten life came....Conjob himself.
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