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  1. I just sold NYX 1-5 for $70 on eBay. Turned it right around and bought six or seven excellent trades and graphic novels from khepri.com. I feel I made out extremely well.
  2. Bigger... I'm thinking the Asian continent.
  3. Aw, bless you, but I was far too lazy to do more than zap you the cover image...
  4. Would have been tickled if Will Smith had played Constantine...
  5. We're a very fragile people on this side of the ocean, you know.
  6. Maybe we could keep mixing it up and get "hand bitch", which would suggest to me someone possessing a special skill... ;-)
  7. Sadly, THE INTIMATES just isn't doing it for me. Gave it a good try but have dropped it.
  8. Iron out a few of those wrinkles - bammo!
  9. That's an interesting wrinkle, putting down a prejudiced remark with one that's just as prejudiced. Well, no, it is not. Since all of the three I cited are intrinsic to and overlooked in the "very american" use of the term bitchslap in that context. Do you see ? It is the term "bitchslap" that I was referring to as american - and misogynistic, and homophobic (in this context), and violent. Also, my three prejudices outweigh the american one. Personally, I love the term 'bitch slap'. 'Pimp hand' is way up there for me as well.
  10. I just wish at the end the deep voice was dramatically saying something different, like "UNDERWORLD II" or "VAN HELSING 2005"...
  11. Just saw a TV ad for the movie... :::sigh:::
  12. Can I just say how much I fucking despise that Simply JD character?
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