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  1. You might be interested to know that James Ellroy is scheduled to write a film script with Spike Lee directing and Reeves as the main character called The Night Watchman. It's a noir piece about a disgraced LA cop. Not sure about the time the story is to take place. As for me, saw the film, loved the film. Had a few minor problems with the plot but that was only after my second viewing. (If a plot works for me emotionally, and this one did, then I don't really care that much about logic.) I'll see it again, and I'm looking forward to a sequel--in which JC is smoking again, and Chaz does not appear. I'd like to see a lot more of Papa Midnite, who fortunately was not killed off.
  2. nudel

    How did you end up here ?

    I enjoy the works of Keanu Reeves. Really. I do. I got here via krix and drop by only occasionally. Because the books? too gory and violent for me. And I got bored with the complaints about the film, to be honest. This is not the sort of film I'd go to see under any other circumstances but the fact that Reeves is in it. I liked the storylines of the comic, and the character. I'm sorry that the character in the film couldn't be more of a bastard (if he isn't) but it isn't breaking my heart. And I loved the generosity that y'all have shown in getting us keanufans up to speed on the whole Hellblazer universe. Even if it's only to prove how unsuitable Reeves is and what a ballsup Warners has made of it.. *wink*
  3. nudel

    Reeves as Morpheus?

    Thanks Red! But I was feeling kinda intimidated by the Two Tims who are real artists, and Rogan who is a real artist, and I'm sure there are others around here. I'm just trying to learn how to play with photoshop...
  4. nudel

    Reeves as Morpheus?

    hmmm...maybe I should clarify? I don't mean "as Morpheus in a movie"--I mean as my muse, model, etc. I think he'd be great in a film as Morpheus, I just don't think there should be a movie. I don't need a movie of every book I love.
  5. nudel


    Very nice...I envy your photography skills. Did you say you use film or digital? And was one of those the "southern" lights? (I assume that's what you call the "northern lights"...)
  6. nudel

    Reeves as Morpheus?

    I have nowhere near the photoshoppery talents of others around here, nor the artistic talent--there are real artists here! But I did this for my own pleasure and since none of my friends has a clue about Gaiman... I thought I'd share it with y'all. The heavy lifting was done by photographer Graig de Christo, who produced a series of evocative photos that inspired me.
  7. nudel

    Cover for HB #205, Retouched cover for HB#204

    Sorry I'm late to see these but...gorgeous covers! I got that he was standing up, maybe because I'm not that familiar with Hellblazer? I'd buy a book just of the covers, myself. I'm sure one exists... *grin*
  8. nudel

    new site new artwork

    just found this section...great stuff! I like the first version with the typography best. Love hearing the background detail stuff like taking the photos, too. Thanks, Tim!
  9. nudel

    Promo art II

    Wonderful, thanks so much for sharing with us! now get some sleep... I didn't think the wing was attached to anything or meant to be...? I think it's just an evocative image..
  10. Well, according to this link to a blog by an extra http://suicidegirls.com/girls/Stasia/ it's not a hot tub it's a hot CLUB. With vampires. There's not a lot there (she calls it "keanu reeves movie" rather than Constantine) but if she's not just making it all up (every day a different job as an extra), then...interesting. Thanks to krix for the link.
  11. Thanks, Shanice & others! Here's a link to the Club Keanu version (same): http://www.drool.club-keanu.com/displayima...up&cat=0&pos=26 I had checked "last uploads" but apparently not far enough back. It was posted on 15 October and dated 14 October. There's a comment under the picture from someone who "has a friend" who worked as an extra in a "hot tub scene in a club" they recently filmed ??? take that as you will.. Now I'm hoping for some kind of confirmation from a reliable source as to what kind of reshoots: to make it PG-13 or to make it R.
  12. Shanice, can you direct me to this recent set picture? Because I haven't seen any in the usual (ie, Keanu) places... And I admit, I haven't been around here for a while *goes to look for picture here*
  13. OK, I hate to be a cynical old bat, but is there any real evidence other than paparazzi pictures of Keanu clean-shaven and with his Constantine hair, and matadoor's posting to an IMDB board that reshoots are taking place? And that the film will be given an "R" rating? Is it not just as likely that they are doing reshoots because the film was *not* the expected PG-13 and they have to tone it down? Because it seems to me that ratings happen much closer to the film's release. Frex, even when Joel Silver announced to the world that Matrix2 and 3 were R rated, the trailers still said "this film has not been rated" up to a month or so before the film was released. And I thought it was part of the director's contract (especially for a new and untested director) to deliver a film with a certain rating, in this case PG-13. The director talked about it being PG-13 several times although he seemed to think he could get away with something... I'm just not ready to believe that this film is actually being changed from PG-13 to R, which is kind of a first in films as far as I know. Just venting...of course I'm *hoping* for an R rated film with an intelligent script and less or no Shia, but...
  14. Wow, that's really gorgeous! I like them both...maybe the bottom one slightly, but only slightly more... I'll definitely check out the rest of your work! Thanks for sharing. Keeping my fingers crossed for a good response from Vertigo PS *scurries back after visiting your gallery* I especially liked the grey Constantine drawing one...niiiiice. And did I see a couple of Keanus in two other covers? *wink*