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  1. Article at CBR about his new run starting in January. You know I need to look and see what the ratio of British to American writers is for the sum of Hellblazer.
  2. I just recently collected all but 2 Hellblazer trades from Ebay. Rake at the Gates of Hell is on its way and I'm waiting on a bid for Bloodlines. But as for the other 27 that I own (not Papa Midnite, not Lady Constantine, not Pandemonium, not Hellblazer Collection) I finally got down and listed them in order of my favorite. Any comments? 1 Son of Man 2 The Gift 3 Hard Time 4 Stations of the Cross 5 All His Engines 6 Dangerous Habits 7 Tainted Love 8 Reasons to be Cheerful 9 Good Intentions 10 Original Sins 11 Staring at the Wall 12 Highwater 13 Fear and Loathing 14 Black Flowers 15 Red Sepulchre 16 Rare Cuts 17 Damnation's Flame 18 Freezes Over 19 Joyride 20 The Laughing Magician 21 Empathy is the Enemy 22 The Red Right Hand 23 Haunted 24 Setting Sun 25 The Devil You Know 26 The Fear Machine 27 The Family Man I'm also waiting for a delivery of almost all of Jenkins run, so at this point I only have 14 issues that I have not collected besides what will come out in the next trade.
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