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  1. Declare a love for something

    I've been looking for a perfect blend for the office, what's your favorite ?
  2. Video Games

    I have skyrim but I have been putting off playing it for fear of missing work and sleep.
  3. Video Games

    I hid in my basement for three weeks and played games and watched tv,it was my Xmas gift to myself.
  4. Video Games

    Lou ! Avaunt, I took a long vacation at the end of the year and the best part of it was playing Arkham City, Enjoy Lou this game is something special .
  5. Video Games

    I'm trying beat the new assassins creed before mass effect 3 comes out. Then I'm debating starting skyrim.
  6. Sandman TV Series

    If I was placing bets , I'd say this one is doomed from the start....BUT Supernatural is far from a bad show. It's not in my A-list but the lore is very well researched and mostly based on real old legends of monsters for the most part and it gets huge points for the rogue angel's look based on JC. My only big bitch about the show is the focus on "feelings" that occurs at the wrap up of each episode. I would say that the CW is a strange home for Sandman and agree that AMC/FX would be best , but as long as the big 4 networks stay way it has a fighting chance. The Dark Tower on NBC fills me with dread.
  7. Walking Dead

    I'm not sure who he is playing just that he cashed in some chips with the director and requested to be in because he thinks it will be epic. I tried to find the article I read that from but for the life of me , can't remember wear I read that.
  8. WHO's that girl?

    I will see these episodes! I may break down and get them on ITunes or just wait for them to come back On Demand.All is well with me and mine, glad to be back. How are you and everyone else?
  9. The Goon

    Knife to the eye! Whens this coming out?
  10. Walking Dead

    I hear Rooker and Reedus's parts are not in the book. This may just well be the greatests TV show of all time. I just read that Tom Jayne is coming on board for season 2 or the later part of season 1.
  11. WHO's that girl?

    I missed the last three episodes of this season. I'm still having trouble warming up to Smith but I will say I enjoyed this season very much so far.
  12. The Family Man is out

    The " Family Man...has anyone seen the Family Man ?" bit in Sandman always makes me chuckle.

    Best Smurf take since Twisted Mego a few years back. "God is Dead Smurf" still makes me laugh.
  14. T-Shirts : The End

    Large or XL dempending on who is buying the donuts that week.
  15. T-Shirts : The End

    Years of rushing out to meet the mail lady , hoping against hope my tee would arrive............NOOOO!!!!!