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  1. The German code 2 DVD is out too today. The second DVD contains a lot of deleted scenes, three showing more of Ellie, including the bed scene, which only starts after the sex. Another scene is in Midnite's bar and she is the girl in the foreground in the scene in the hospital with HolyWater (she will be the only demon who survives).
  2. ROTTEN TOMATOES : These guys collate reviews from all over. The UK Screen Daily has a Constantine review : and it isn't too bad: Hollywood Reporter : Well someone appears to like it. Popcultureshock : Hellblazer fan's rejoice! Variety : blazes few new trails (Subscription Required) IGN : Hell's a Blazin' The Shorthorn Online : This film grabs your attention and hardly lets go. CBR : ...suspiciously devoid of smarts when it comes down to it. World Magazine : a muddled jumble of supernatural spirituality KMR : It's more like limbo than either Heaven or Hell The Trades : Grade: C+ The Horror Channel : Constantine is a film that I believe will find a wide audience and another potential franchise for Reeves and Warner Brothers
  3. Rating in Germany is 16 and older (highest rating is 18 and older). This means that NOONE younger than 16 can see the movie in cinemas - with or without parents. Oh, and the movie has 121 min.
  4. I am not sure if it was published before but here is a transcript from an UK interview for BBC with Alan Moore: http://www.comicbookresources.com/news/newsitem.cgi?id=4737
  5. I have downloaded the avi-file from: http://www.insanerantings.com/hell/movie/media/index.html but I can only hear but not see. I use Windows Media Player 9.0 (I can't use the next versions - they are for XP only). Some ideas?
  6. Hollygrove sold tickets for the Constantine premiere on Ebay. You can read this: This film is rated PG-13 and runs approximately 143 minutes.
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