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  1. aardvark

    JC in the DC

    While I think it's a good idea for 'Hellblazer' to be cut off from the mainstream DC-Universe, I DID enjoy the few times Constantine and Batman met. And I could certainly enjoy a story where Constantine outsmarts Batman. Also, I wouldn't mind Constantine being involved more with other characters from the old classic Vertigo-comics. Carey used Swamp Thing for a few issues and Milligan had some 'Shade'-characters for a small cameo, but they were notable exceptions. I would like to see more of that.
  2. aardvark

    Hellblazer 257

    Balthazar: Thanks! I do try. :) Just a thought, what do you think the odds are
  3. aardvark

    Hellblazer 257

    Well, that's certainly one of the most godawful covers I've ever laid eyes on. I actually felt kind of embarassed about purchasing it. The inside material was satisfying though; I like this arc, and the quick pacing in the storytelling. Milligan's Constantine is certainly a bastard, perhaps a little TOO much of a bastard. That's...pretty sh*tty. And I agree with Christian on Phoebe acting somewhat like a cliche; a shame, since I've really enjoyed her character in the previous issues. Well, it's still exciting enough and I'm looking forward to an even more chaotic third part. 8/10
  4. After two issues that felt somewhat lacklustre to me, both plot- and artwise, I'm really enthusiastic over Milligan's Hellblazer-run again. I was kind of dissapointed with the way "Scab" ended, but now it clearly reads like a first part of a larger story. I enjoy Milligan's take on Constantine - he's definitive more of a bastard than Diggle or Carey have portraited him, but still kind of haunted and lonely. Glad to see the return of Camuncoli and Landini; I enjoy their more stylised take on Constantine. And personally I think Julian is a great character. Can't wait to pick up the next issue. 9/10.
  5. After having really enjoyed the first two parts of 'Scab' I was kind of underwhelmed by the ending. The more I thought about it the more I got the feeling that the ending was kind of rushed. This issue isn't nearly as interesting as Milligan's first two issues, but still interesting. My main dislike is probably Goran Sudzuka's art: I've never been especially thrilled by his work, and this felt kind of bland. His interpretation of Constantine doesn't work for me. I do like the fact that Milligan digs a little deeper into the past of London; I've always thought that there are suprising few plots in Hellblazer based on historical backgrounds. And the plague doctor is a nice creepy plotelement. Also, I get the feeling Milligan is building a new supporting cast with Emil and the return of Phoebe, which is nice, since few writers since Ellis has introduced any major characters in the stories. 7/10
  6. OK, everyone's already said everything's that's needed to be said. This just looks stupid. A "romantic quadrangle" sounds interesting enough though...
  7. aardvark

    Greek Street

    Oh. Greek mythology+Milligan= I'm on. With both this and The Unwritten starting I'm really excited.
  8. I hadn't even heard the name, but after googling it I definitely want to read it! Thanks a bundle.
  9. I kind of thought the same there for a moment. But,
  10. I'll give it a 7. In hindsight, 9/10 probably was a little bit high for #252. I don't know what to say really; perhaps I expected more of a twist to the story in this issue, which was more about things reaching their logical conclusion, and didn't have the same amount of quirky weirdness to it than the previous issues. Also, I don't know if the political commentary really managed to meld in with the mystery-part of the story. The way the flashbacks were made in a different style was a nice touch.
  11. Hellblazer #253 Written by Peter Milligan Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli & Stefano Landini Cover by Lee Bermejo Confronting the demons of one's past should be familiar ground for John Constantine. But some vicious memories are so horrible and buried so deep that digging them up could leave no one to pick up the pieces. So...what did you think?
  12. OK, thanks for all the tips. Like Husamuddin said I'm mostly interested in tips on new, ongoing comics; I've read most of the classic and most well known Vertigo titles, like Swamp Thing, Sandman, Y: The Last Man. Is it considered heretical to say that I haven't really enjoyed the 3 first trades of 100 Bullets that much? I might give it a second chance, though... but I don't know, Azzarello doesn't seem to be the writer for me. I never really dislike his work, I just never really like it either. Well, after looking up the titles a bit I just think I might check out Young Liars and make sure I'm there for the first issue of The Unwritten - especially exciting since Carey's run on Hellblazer was so entertaining! Thanks!
  13. Not to mention "Satan rejected my soul". Well, I'm gonna leave it for now.
  14. "November spawned a monster from hell". *Drumroll*
  15. I'm afraid I don't really read any new comics, swedish independent stuff aside, on a regular basis except for Hellblazer, which seems unnecessary. So, I don't know, I thought I should probably pick up a few new subscriptions next time I'm picking up my Hellblazer at my local comic store. Since I mostly enjoyed Diggle's run on Hellblazer I think I'm going to check up on Thunderbolts. Are there any other good Vertigo comics being published at the moment that you would recommend? 've read the first TPB of Scalped which was interesting enough, but probably something which reads better in trades. Is Madame Xanadu good? I thought it sounded like a nice read, but the preview that was published in Hellblazer #244 wasn't so impressive... Any recommendations are appreciated.
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