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  1. Yeah - the final issue, that's why i specified the rest of The Devil You Know looked great, but it didn't seem that thought out or inspired. It was almost like they needed to hit the bulletpoints to get to the Grand Finale - and then Mignola took over and worked his magic. Also the finale really tied closer to the early Mignola Hellboy stuff more than the recent and it tied beatifully. If you read Wake The Devil, The Conqueror Worm, Seed of Destruction - this finale gives you what you were promised and never thought you would get
  2. BPRD - Last issue was the best thing i read this year. I couldn't think of anything else until i took a trip to the comic book store and bought The Weather Men because it had an awesome cover - and it blew me away. Its everything i want from a sci-fi book - big crazy ideas, good characters and some social context. What i read was issue 5 of season 2 - which makes it issue 11 i think - but i'm going to track it all down. The story feels like someone really thought about it for a long time about it and weaved a lot of big ideas - but did not overlook the character stuff and humor. I'm very impressed. Also Hellboy and the Goloski Station is pretty much a perfect Hellboy story - even if it Did Not Have Werewolves - it was still awesome. The one-shot by Duncan Fegredo also top notch.
  3. Now you will be reminded once again when X-Cellent comes out! I saw some of Allred's designs for new characters a few months ago - and just the names cracked me up - The Stork! I was sad and a bit puzzled why The Stork didn't make it to the Giant Sized X-Statix - but then i understood. He needed a whole new series. I am very excited :) I actually got the news from Milligan himself when he visited NY for a store signing - he is very nice. Too bad i had to go before the drinks were out - i only got to chat a few minutes and have him sign and draw Doop on my X-Statix omnibus. I probably wouldn't have asked about Hellblazer though.. I wonder if he knows it was pretty bad. At least he bounced back. The Names was great. Terminal Hero had some great classic stuff in it before it got cut short. Britannia is pretty enjoyable. And there's that twisted The Prisoner which i have to get back to. I hope he can recapture more of that X-Statix magic - and he has Michael and Laura Allred for the ride. And The Stork.
  4. Shalvey would be great - he has been doing some Batman work in recent years. I did by chance find Hitch's Batman cover today - Batman Annual 3 i think, and it looks great, more shadowy than usual - if he can maintain that level, i will be happy
  5. Ellis did a sweet Batman story with Becky Cloonan in Detective 1000 - it was almost entirely a fight scene. Minimal captions of Batman's thought process as he dissasembles a special tactical unit of enhanced criminals worked very well for me. Brian Hitch is a bit of a strange choice for Batman - he excells in big superhero stories. With Batman i would like a touch of mood. Becky Cloonan really did a nice job. Francavilla would be great. Jock! Unless its a story about Batman fighting tanks in space.. otherwise it's about time Ellis wrote some Batman (i don't really count his LOTDK story..)
  6. So the Giant-Sized X-Statix turned out to be excellent. Milligan as sharp and fresh and funny as ever- didn't miss a beat since the last X-Statix. Mike Allred took his art to a whole new level for this book, his expressions subtely refined, the detail and love in every panel, more that necessery but not too much. Laura Allred colors pop and glow in the right places, can be muted and quieter in others. Wow. And that last page.. X-cellent!
  7. I think Hellboy In Hell was something Mignola really wanted to do - unleash his imagination - but it wasn't really plot driven. As much as i liked the ending of HoH - it was the ending of that series and like it had a bit of a dreamlike quality and no reprecussions in the "real world". In the BPRD ending i felt the real world shake - at least the real world of that story - but i also felt the impact as a reader. I'm happy both exist! I read all of BPRD until The New World, which i read sporadically - it seemed like a lot of soldier action that i wasn't so much into - with some highlights like The Long Death. I hopped back on with The Devil You Know. Didn't read any of the Abe Sapien stuff or the Frankenstein - which turned out to be of some importance in setting up the underground world. Good time to fill in the gaps :)
  8. Saw the movie - it's fantastic. It's not for everyone because it has an aesthetic of macabre - think Starship Troopers intensity, with some Robocop, Predator violence level thrown in - and directed with help from Hieronymus Bosch. It flows great - i thought it would be choppy, because it incorporates a few stories unrelated to The Wild Hunt - like the Mexico stuff, but it' done with logic. Do not listen to the bad reviews, don't base your opinion on the awful trailers - a lot of the stuff makes sense in the context. There is only one really bad joke there - and someone put it in the trailer - but there is tons of stuff that is just amazing. Best movie of the year for me - go see it in the theater - it's like a metal concert intensity - only for the fans but the fans love it. I loved it
  9. Wow, so this is the end of the story..amazing that Mignola and the rest got here - and stunned with the ending. I gasped a few times, because some big stuff happens a few times. Mike Mignola drew half of the issue - and packed his pages with his probably best work ever - economic storytelling, where every panel is like a music note, and it flows with beautiful poetry of storytelling. Also, not much vagueness - pretty much everything that happens happens - its not a dream sequence, its not a prophecy.. it's the end of the world and scyscraper sized monsters are like 8th most noticable thing that happens here go read that comic - even if you're not completly up with B.P.R.D - most of the plot points refer back to old school Hellboy stories that mignola wrote and drew.
  10. Maritimus

    Image Comics

    The least I can do for all the cool stuff and laughs I got from all your posts over the years, seriously.. :)
  11. Maritimus

    Image Comics

    There's 5 pages of text - the rest is design process, some original pages - i was probably going to take hq pictures of them, so it's not a problem. Aah, google drive, i forgot about that. Will do ... Here it is. Sorry for the glare but scanning would be difficult https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-5J1fCc-e_infSnizP4894Qyy78ppXKe
  12. Maritimus

    Image Comics

    I would happily post it - but i'm only allowed 0.31 mb here - what do you usually do with larger files? There is a total of 18 pages of extra content, including sketches, process, design - this book got a lot of love from the creators. I can just shoot an e-mail to whoever is interested, maybe that's simpler. Morrison mentions this book is supposed to work more like a poem - it would account for different interpretations i guess - the story reflecting what the reader interprets within the nightmare - and daring him/her to look for hidden clues about the hideous forces that lurk in the spheres of the universe at the same time. This book gives me a feeling a Lynch movie often gives me - just out of grasp of conscious understanding, but close enough at times that i can't get it out of my head.
  13. Maritimus

    Image Comics

    Morrison wrote full 5 pages of text at the end of Nameless HC- sending you off to various books, sources, real life places, mythology, Dark Side of the Tree of Life, schools of magic, "dreammachine", Enochian language, forgotten ruins, Aeonic handover- and that's just Chapter One of Six. I can post the pages somewhere if anyone's interested in digging through this book again with a semblance of a compass. I know i will be picking at it, because it's just so beautifully done and weird.
  14. Maritimus

    Image Comics

    Infinite Dark does sound interesting. The concepts of infinite unknown, are quite fitting when dealing with space adventure. I do like when they are at least wrapped in a familiar structure, somethimg to anchor the chaos and imagination - I just started re-reading The Nameless, and it's a brilliant read, just the mood, but there are occult/magical concepts in the story i feel you need to undestand just to have a starting point, and then the narrative is non-linear, mixed with dream sequences..- i hope the re-read sheds an inch of clarity. Any theories would be interesting to hear as well. Is it supposed to be subjective and just a wild experience cobbled together from many sci-fi/horror concepts? Or does it have a linear story? Morrison's explanation at the end of the trade didn't do much to help honestly
  15. In other news - Peter Milligan and Mike Allred are back with new X-Statix! I think it's a big one-shot if i remember correctly, not sure it's been formally announced, but yay!
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