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  1. Maritimus

    Image Comics

    The least I can do for all the cool stuff and laughs I got from all your posts over the years, seriously.. :)
  2. Maritimus

    Image Comics

    There's 5 pages of text - the rest is design process, some original pages - i was probably going to take hq pictures of them, so it's not a problem. Aah, google drive, i forgot about that. Will do ... Here it is. Sorry for the glare but scanning would be difficult https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-5J1fCc-e_infSnizP4894Qyy78ppXKe
  3. Maritimus

    Image Comics

    I would happily post it - but i'm only allowed 0.31 mb here - what do you usually do with larger files? There is a total of 18 pages of extra content, including sketches, process, design - this book got a lot of love from the creators. I can just shoot an e-mail to whoever is interested, maybe that's simpler. Morrison mentions this book is supposed to work more like a poem - it would account for different interpretations i guess - the story reflecting what the reader interprets within the nightmare - and daring him/her to look for hidden clues about the hideous forces that lurk in the spheres of the universe at the same time. This book gives me a feeling a Lynch movie often gives me - just out of grasp of conscious understanding, but close enough at times that i can't get it out of my head.
  4. Maritimus

    Image Comics

    Morrison wrote full 5 pages of text at the end of Nameless HC- sending you off to various books, sources, real life places, mythology, Dark Side of the Tree of Life, schools of magic, "dreammachine", Enochian language, forgotten ruins, Aeonic handover- and that's just Chapter One of Six. I can post the pages somewhere if anyone's interested in digging through this book again with a semblance of a compass. I know i will be picking at it, because it's just so beautifully done and weird.
  5. Maritimus

    Image Comics

    Infinite Dark does sound interesting. The concepts of infinite unknown, are quite fitting when dealing with space adventure. I do like when they are at least wrapped in a familiar structure, somethimg to anchor the chaos and imagination - I just started re-reading The Nameless, and it's a brilliant read, just the mood, but there are occult/magical concepts in the story i feel you need to undestand just to have a starting point, and then the narrative is non-linear, mixed with dream sequences..- i hope the re-read sheds an inch of clarity. Any theories would be interesting to hear as well. Is it supposed to be subjective and just a wild experience cobbled together from many sci-fi/horror concepts? Or does it have a linear story? Morrison's explanation at the end of the trade didn't do much to help honestly
  6. Maritimus

    Marvel's One World Order

    In other news - Peter Milligan and Mike Allred are back with new X-Statix! I think it's a big one-shot if i remember correctly, not sure it's been formally announced, but yay!
  7. Maritimus

    Image Comics

    I really, really liked The Outer Darkness! It seems Layman is taking his time to establish the main characters in the first part of the issue, giving art room to breathe with some splash pages of spaceships, etc, but towards the end of the issue the weird sci-fi/horror stuff starts coming in, offsetting the comfortable tropes we all know in these kinds of space crew stories. The simple art makes the weird stuff kind of more exciting, because you don't really expect it to go where it goes. Layman mentioning Event Horizon at the end confirmed that this is a read for me. Also, some nice dark humor where things get horrible.
  8. Maritimus

    Image Comics

    Pretty sure they will - maybe around Christmas, the first issue is very snowy. Im just impressed with how much they put into #1 - the characters, the premise with a nice twist, the way the story is told, jumping back and forth in time - and none of it feels forced, or like its written for a trade. It feels like someone telling you a kickass story and going on tangents, while sometimes flashbacks are like "ok FLASHBACK, we need to show some shit from the past". Here its much more personal. yeah, anyway.. i'm obviously in love. Also, i bought issue one when it came out - and just read it, then rushed to the store to get #2, but all they had was #3 - so dont feel too bad :)
  9. Maritimus

    Image Comics

    Kill or be Killed - a perfect first issue of a comic book. Great pacing, narration, relevant, beautiful art.. get it if you're on the fence *I know it came out like months ago, i just got around to reading it :) And - Duh,its Brubaker and Phillips, of course its good - except this one- is just perfect and also surprising. They recapture that feeling you got reading Criminal for the first time.. this is good.. holy shit! This is goood!
  10. Maritimus

    2000 AD

    You guys will be happy to know about All Star Future Shocks - it collects a bunch of Morrison, Milligan, Gaiman etc stories - its pretty great!
  11. I feel quietly blessed to witness this show. Not only is the script tight, light and understanding of the character and actually building on the best ideas in the best Constantine stories, but Matt Ryan carries the shit out of it on his back. He has the small gestures and attitude down, makes everything exciting to watch, loaded with Constantine magic just right.. thank you to all people involved in making it. Holy Shit Hallelujah
  12. Maritimus

    Constantine S01E05: "Danse Vaudou"

    Pretty goddamn perfect for me, really enjoyed it. Matt's performance is getting scary good, love the pace of it, the self contained stories, music.. cant be happier with it at this point. Usually i like my fav things to fly under the radar, but i will promote the shit out of it and talk friends into hopping on, because i want it to continue for a good while.
  13. Not bad. It was the first one i watched and it didn't make me jump with excitement but it was decent and did not stray from the idea of who John is. Inclusion of several obscure Hellblazer artifacts was a pleasant hint that creators of the show actually look at the source material. I give it a 7 and expect to grow.
  14. Maritimus

    Jenkins run finally getting collected!

    Couldn't resist buying that beautiful Critical Mass myself, such a great package of stories, great new cover and Sean Phillips' art very, very close to being the defining look for John, or at least the mood of Hellblazer. I love that wacky Delano story. Never read the Campbell stuff, and it turned out to be really enjouable (again, Sean Phillips never hurts). It seems like the death of the real John gave us the resurrection of Hellblazer in a sense, with all those trades available now.
  15. Maritimus

    Image Comics

    Still here, thou not reading many new comics.. i guess i gotta chime in on Snyder. It seems to me that he grew up watching the 80s horror movies and uses similar cliches in his writing. It can be used to great effect when treated with fondness and a wink (Cabin in the woods), but with Snyder.. there is no joke. He pulls a gigantic cliche, but there is no wink. He wants you to take this seriously, and that applies to a lot of his stuff, but strangely, not all. His Detective was really good (though it doesnt hurt to have Jock and Francavilla killing it on the art), but the new 52 Batman he does.. just a tornado of cliches, i tried, many times, i just couldn't. "And then he falls out of the window. But guess what?!! He is still alive! And comes back! And you wont believe it - he is the mastermind! AND he is Bruce's long lost brother" I just can't, please no more. Then The Wake was good again. So what is it Scott? Isn't it about time for some Two Face story?