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  1. You have been! Admittedly I've not been back up for a few years, but when I lived in Embra in the 90s, it seemed pretty much to be the Goth capital of the world – but largely incomers rather than natives. I blame all the pointy architecture and lack of sunlight. They all read Sandman, of course.
  2. Have you never been to Edinburgh?
  3. The beauty of this analogy is that Rankin has to be McGann.
  4. For those who like his writing, Carey is doing a thing at the University of Huddersfield this evening – http://litfest.org.uk/?q=diary#Festival%20launch Apologies for the short notice – I'd probably have spotted it sooner if he'd been billed as Mike rather than MR.
  5. Top to bottom – Jamie Delano Garth Ennis Denise Mina Peter Milligan Warren Ellis Paul Jenkins Brian Azzarello Andy Diggle Mike Carey Although pretty much everyone between the first and last couple could move around depending on which specific stories I can remember. If they were ranked on best stories, Azzarello would probably rank higher. If ranked on worst stories, Ennis and Mina would be a lot further down.
  6. Sorry to say that the finale to The Wake makes me think less of the pretty decent first half. The second half was a bit of a mess, but the big reveal at the end is both barely coherent and horribly mawkish – if not actively offensive.
  7. That's commendably self-aware of you, sonny. Top of the special class.
  8. TimC

    Image Comics

    Since buying Image's big all-in-one Stray Bullets collection at the weekend, my back has been fucked. Thanks Image. (It's bloody good, though.)
  9. TimC

    RIP Steve Moore

    The latest FT (arrived last week in the UK) has a full tribute to Steve, including a contribution from big hairy Alan, and a last feature on a witchcraft panic in Han dynasty China. His recent novel, Somnium, is well worth seeking out. http://strangeattractor.co.uk/shoppe/somnium/
  10. TimC

    Image Comics

    I have seen it in a shop (Travelling Man in Leeds, to be precise). It was big.
  11. Paul Bettany's not too busy, is he? And, looking at his recent CV, not too proud?
  12. First of the current line of Moore-era Swamp Thing trades, isn't it?
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