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  1. Hi, Here is a short film we recent shot with a 5D. We are currently in editing phase and this video is one of the final versions. As this is a work in progress yet, we thought it will be a good idea to show it here so you can comment and criticize, as we can make changes yet. If you can spare 5 mins answering some question it will be of great help to us. The audio of the first scene and the music in all the short film is only for reference. Because it lacks dubbing and some 3D CG elements, you must know before watching it: 1. The script (not dubbed yet) between the two characters at the graveyard will be as follows: -Constantine: You shouldn't be here. This is none of your business. -Vampire: You are wasting your time. -Constantine: We'll see. -Vampire: Her destiny is not in your hands. -Constantine: Neither in yours. 2. In the graveyard scene when the man opens the little box, a CG made smoke coming out of the grave during the spell cast will enter the box. Here is the short film. Please answer the questions after watching, it will be of great help to us. http://www.vimeo.com/5628253 password: hellblazer And the questions are: 1. From what you just watch, which will be the plot of the short film? 2. Which relationship exists between the man in the raincoat and the dead guy in the bathtub? 2b. What role performs the raincoat man in the story? 3. Which relationship exists between the man in the raincoat and the woman in the pool? 4. Which role performs the oriental girl in the story? 5. Which role performs the vampire in the story? 6. What is you liked the most? 7. What is you hated the most? 8. Do you find any twink or cross reference with some other story, book, comic or film that you know? 9. If you have something that you want to comment, suggest or rant about please feel free to state your thoughts, ideas or anything good or bad, as we would love to know. Cheers, Jesus Pedrosa jesped@gmail.com http://www.narkohol.com
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