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  1. He's NOT a raccoon! ...Sorry. He just wouldn't like you using that term! Seriously now: the most fun I've had at a cinema in ages. The chemistry and bantering between the group was fantastic, and Gunn handled pretty well the tone balance between the comedy (95% of it worked for me) and the pathos (I nearly teared up with "We are Groot", for real. Also, drunk Rocket agonising over being called a "vermin" somehow hit me in the heart, too). With a few things ironed out, such as using a MacGuffin different to a "magical orb" (hello, The Avengers!), making Ronan an actually interesting villain and less time devoted to the convoluted cosmic shit and more time to develop the slightly sudden friendship of the group, if would have been pretty much a Perfect Blockbuster.
  2. A slightly younger Laurence Fishburne would have been great.
  3. It's a very interesting comic: you can read it as an examination of male friendship (which branches off to a betrayal/redemption thing, yup), as a broad satire of North America (Arseface's character arc, for instance), as a good ol' love story... and that doesn't even take into account the basic synopsis (the religious thing). It had grating tics and sometimes it was a bit of a drag to read (I'm looking at you, Salvation), but trying to dissect and *get* it is fun. One can easily understand its classic status.
  4. I always felt that, actually, the most important thing in Preacher was the relationship between the two male leads (and I have a suspicion that Ennis felt that way as well, given that the climax is mainly -I mean, apart from all the other balls in the air- a confrontation, both thematic and physical, between Jesse and Cassidy). Anyway: au revoir, Boys. You had a so-so epilogue, but you were interesting during pretty much all your run, except for a few arcs.
  5. General spoilers for #71: Being a softie, not unlike Wee Hughie (scratch that: a whole lot more than him), I loved the "ending", even if I need a re-reading in order to try to make total sense out of Butcher's process/motivations. And also, hats off to Stillwell for being such a magnificent bastard. I genuinely hope he ends up unscathed, for intellectual reasons.
  6. And I think I will miss Braun's art in the final issue, which will be drawn by Robertson (already stated somewhere in the thread, wasn't it?). Darick's art looked its best in Transmetropolitan... possibly because someone else inked it.
  7. Yes. Poor Hughie, indeed. Oh: Ennis himself commenting that very issue of the comic (double entendre: Hughie's issue and the 66th Boys issue). Pretty interesting: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2012/05/03/garth-ennis-commentary-on-boys/ "No doubt Hughie’s tendency to mope and turn inwards is a source of frustration to many readers, all used to comic heroes who learn from experience and develop into fully-rounded characters ready to handle anything. In my experience this is like no one who’s ever existed in real life; even the most capable people either maintain or eventually return to their essential flaws. I doubt any twenty-something lad unused to trauma and violence could simply absorb it straightaway, and if he did become hardened or inured it would be as a different, less sensitive person. In other words, Hughie’s bizarre triumph is that he remains Hughie."
  8. Will Marcus London improve over the portrayal by Keanu Reeves? WE'LL SEE.
  9. I see Milligan's now trying to appeal to the furry readership. Get ready for new members in the forum!
  10. I hit the front page of that site a couple of times a week to see if they've linked off to any interesting previews (the last one being for JLD, appropriately enough) and I've yet to see any links to a negative review of something, the blurbs tend to read along the lines of "XXX gives the latest issue of YYY four stars saying "I thought it offered a solid story with some above average art!"". They only seem to do positive reviews, is what I'm saying here. To be completely fair: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=user_review&id=4496 http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=user_review&id=4484 http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=user_review&id=4493 And a few more in the reviews' front page right now score fails as well.
  11. Ladies. Gentlemen. Garth Ennis' children's book, ERF.
  12. Yup. And this story arc (the penultimate one) isn't nearly done. Good stuff.
  13. Unsurprisingly, I haven't read it but kudos to the man for lasting seven (SEVEN!) years on one of the main X-books - that's got to be some kind of record! A certain Chris Claremont would like to have some words with you :). But yes, impressive.
  14. Dr. Fleming

    The Walking Dead

    slinker, about the shark-jumping, I swear I thought exactly the same thing as I was reading the last pages. In a semi-ironic way. I guess we have to be optimistic. But "unexpectedly happy ending + in-your-face three-page Rick speech that makes explicit the implicit ("We are the walking dead" et al.)" was a weird juxtaposition.
  15. Heh, the diversity of marks is astounding. Only 8, 6 and 2 have zero votes!
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