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  1. Moore's Captain Britain was great!
  2. Wht do you know, I just got my son an iPad for home schooling. Looks like the perfect device for online comics reading. Cheers, Jason
  3. nothing for me, light week, but a week
  4. 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  5. Egerton and McAvoy are both fine actors so I'd imagine they would do well
  6. I am too far behind on the Bat-verse so I don't think any of these stories would make much sense to me.
  7. Aetheric Mechanics was a good read. Had a damn fine ending. My usual knock on Wozza is that he sets up a good tale but shuts it down rather abruptly but this one really clicked
  8. Half way through Aetheric Mechanics, and it is quite good. Imagine a steam punk Watson and Holmes story set in 1907 with air ships and at least one giant robot.
  9. His Avatar war stories were great! Art's a bit dodgy but the tales are terrific
  10. I had the same thought, CC. I thought Ghost was an Ellis character. He certainly acts like one.
  11. I think I can join you in a Thunderbolts reread.
  12. I can wait. I do not mind paying upfront and getting delivered later. I have enough in the back log to keep me company. But good on somebody to think of a way to keep everyone going
  13. Oh sorry I had a few weeks built up (still was only like 2 books) plus I added an action figure. I had not been there in a while and I think they did get last week's books. Doubt they got this weeks
  14. One thing is we, as comic club members, are paying our current pull lists by phone, so that the shop has some kind of revenue stream, with the idea that if and when they reopen, we can pick up our stuff when the dust settles.
  15. Yeah man if my shop folds then I am out, maybe the odd trade here or there, if they still exist. Those dudes are cool and one of the last in town. Fuck, even if we do get over this by the end of the month (spoilers: we won't), I do not even feel comfortable going to Motor City Con in mid May. I have not missed a con in...god damn I can't even remember.
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