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  1. Thanks :) Can't wait til next issue, time for some good ol' Constantine cunning. :cool:
  2. Great issue in my opinion, loved the art. Although my favorite version of Constantine has to be from The Crib when he appears by the door. Wonder when they'll continue the Rosa story. Constantine thinking, "But the war, the war's just begun." At the end of the #200 has me all eager to see how he's going to fuck over Hell this time.
  3. Depends, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. :-\
  4. :-? The topic is doing it again! I can only see the topic starting post, any ideas whats wrong with this? "I used to think the Gods conspired against me, but they couldn't be this bloody Machiavellian. No they probably planned the perfect day. The larks were going to sing their little lungs out, the sun was going to come out in glorious technicolor, and everyone was going to be in a good mood. Even me, I was going to spend the all day watching telly, scratching my balls, and feasting on steak and kidney pies. I was going to have the best bloody day of my life. Then I woke up. I can see the Gods now -- sitting around, admiring their newly devised plans, patting themselves on the back at their cleverness. And in stumbles the God of Revelry after an all-night bender, and spills coffee all over the table. So now, they're all scrambling about trying to clean up the mess. Someone accidently tears a corner of the plans. Down on the material realm, yours truly has just cut his hand while trying to open the friggin' first aid kit. The whole palaver probably culminates in a lot of celestial bravado and finger pointing. By this time, any semblance of order is out the window. All that's left is a bunch of cuts, bruises, and dead fish. Thats how we ended up in this bloody disaster." -John Constantine talking about his day, #HB 119, Undertow. Thats one of my favorite issues ever, just hilarious.
  5. Norman Cooper getting fucked until he burst by the Fuckpig. Son of Man arc.
  6. strange, whenever I few my topic all I see is my first post. Edit - Nevermind! Thanks for the welcome everyone! Quote - "Okay, I'm just about empty. Your move." -John Constantine to the Third Lukhavim, HB #181.
  7. So what is everyone's favorite John Constantine (or other) quotes? Perhaps a hilarious dialog or maybe just a scathing one-liner delivered by yours truly. I'd list mine but I totally forgot, the exact quote itself I mean, maybe someone remembers it: (rough guess at the quote, still trying to find issue its in) "Time to do what I do best: get my fingers burned and burn the bastard's arm off in return." -John Constantine, HB #???
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