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    The work of Carl Barks, Jack Vance, Irvine Welsh, Ian McEwan, Sebastian Faulks. Tintin, Pop Culture & Two Minute Noodles, Delano's Hellblazer, Lazarus. The Goodies, The Mighty Boosh, The Bill, Spaced, Archer, Community. Trance, the Beatles, Crowded House, Oasis, Prince, Jamie T, Missy Higgins, Rodriguez, Rammstein. Chocolate, coffee.
  1. Hey, it's written by J.M. deMatteis! http://collider.com/constantine-animated-series-poster-cw-seed/ Edited to add: J.M. says "...it's a wonderful story, broadly adapted from the "All His Engines" graphic novel."
  2. A Hellblazer miscellany

    Ancient Tomb of Santa Claus Discovered Beneath Turkish Church
  3. Hellblazer pulp

    Thanks! I was bored.
  4. Hellblazer pulp

    C'mon, Ixnay. You're only fakin' that achin' for Chaykin. It's the thought of Nick Necro that's got you shakin' the bacon.
  5. Hellblazer pulp

    Oops... yeah, I forgot one of my perennial favourites.
  6. Hellblazer pulp

    Writing for Hellblazer when Hellblazer's over? Pete Milligan's already done that. +1 for Paul Cornell and Al Ewing. And can we have John Wagner and Nick Spencer please?
  7. Thanks, Ade!

    What JMac said. Apart from that bit about laziness.
  8. Marvel's One World Order

    How are you dealing with it in the real universe? Currently the USA, the UK and Australia are being forced to confront huge internal divides that are usually out of sight, out of mind.
  9. Test & forum update noise

    Uh... fine thanks. Just started two weeks' holiday. And you?
  10. Marvel's One World Order

    I guess it makes sense for them to exploit the fallout for story material. Regardless of the positives and negatives of the whole Evil Cap thing, Captain America: Sam Wilson was amazing.
  11. Brian Aldiss is gone....?

    By coincidence I'm currently reading The Hand-Reared Boy.
  12. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    Great user name.
  13. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    You've found the right place, if not the right time. Ah, the glory days of 5-10 years ago... Welcome aboard.
  14. Forthcoming Attractions

    I'm a bit late to the party with this, but check out Gary Oldman (!) as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour: Out November 2017, apparently.