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  1. JasonT

    2000 AD

    It looks like Leo Manco's Slaine has been delayed, and now appears in 2000AD prog 2184, out in about a week. This Facebook post has more info and some preview images: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2000admegaverse/permalink/2481250858702770/
  2. Jesus H Corona, look at all this: https://comicscene.org/free-comics/ Mr McMahon, Mr Kondek, I note there's a 74 page sample edition of Commando comics in there. Also Lew Stringer, and a complete classic Judge Dredd trade.
  3. Tempting, but I've already got most of them in reprints or digital. Red Sonja is written by Mark Russell.
  4. You can read two issues of The Nib free if you give 'em your email address: membership.thenib.com/free-comics-for-your-quarantine
  5. What Lou said. Uh, also, have the first issue of The Batman Strikes: https://www.dckids.com/en-au/batman-strikes-1
  6. My pleasure. Here's the complete Night Witches arc from Garth Ennis' Battlefields: comixology.com/Battlefields-Vol-1-The-Night-Witches/digital-comic/23670
  7. Comixology's index of freebies is mostly issue 1 or issue 0 tasters, but there's an entire Hellboy trade in there: https://www.comixology.com/free-comics
  8. A shedload of free Marvel comics from actual Marvel: https://www.marvel.com/comics/discover/1626/read-these-free-comics
  9. Great War Dundee, which includes a war comic scripted by Pat Mills: https://www.millsverse.com/download-great-war-dundee-comic/
  10. I thought the opening few pages were close to genius. It devolved into a Shallow Reading Of Constantine™ — I mean, Delano's Constantine would have been okay with Tommy, and that's the definitive version of Constantine if you ask me — but Spurrier has built up such a reserve of goodwill that I was basically okay with it. Still one of the best things on the shelf these days.
  11. Billionaire Island #1 didn't disappoint.
  12. I've long held that 'bastard' is a shallow reading of the character. Mind you, there've been many John Constantines, even within the first 300 issues of the original series, none 100% compatible with the others. So there's support for different readings.
  13. Felt like vintage Hellblazer to me. 8.5 rounded up to 9 for goodwill.
  14. Punisher Soviet #3 (Of 6) 2000 AD Pack November 2019 2000 AD Prog #2160
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