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  1. JasonT

    Other comics we read recently

    It goes even further than that, if you buy into this very deep take: https://www.thecomicregime.com/comicnews/graphic-encounters-7 It's a literary essay on that first issue of The Lone Ranger.
  2. JasonT

    Carlos Ezquerra

    The Vertigo edge strip makes that cover art look like the Saint's leaning against a door jamb. Carlos was the founding Judge Dredd artist, but the first thing that always comes to mind when I think of his art is the adaptation of The Stainless Steel Rat he drew for 2000AD.
  3. JasonT

    The webcomics thread

    This one's better. https://www.oglaf.com/knightsandknaves/ (Safe for work.)
  4. Ouch. That's kind of bittersweet.
  5. JasonT

    Image Comics

    How would you rate Change by Kot? I picked up issue 1 secondhand, but haven't read it, nor have I chased up the remaining issues.
  6. JasonT

    Other comics we read recently

    Land-graspin' ranchers and oily crooked politicians are tropes of the western genre. The way they mirrored present-day concerns was obvious to us, but I think (though I can't prove anything) that a lot of readers could have read and enjoyed the same story without registering the parallels.
  7. JasonT

    DC Comics

    Thanks for the heads-up!
  8. JasonT

    Other comics we read recently

    Christian, I see your point, but I thought it was stunning. (The script anyway — the art is a bit too Romita Jr cartoony for my tastes. Imagine the same thing with more realistic art!) The politics were there if you were looking, under the radar if you weren't; and very timely, yet directly and unironically applicable to the Lone Ranger and Tonto. Apart from a couple of jarring jump cuts that might have been down to the writer or artist, I thought the storytelling was masterful and the dialogue was a hoot. I went in to the comic with high expectations and it blew me away. Total win.
  9. JasonT

    Comics Shipping the Week of October 1st 2018

    Battlestar Galactica Classic #0 Lone Ranger Volume 3 #1 (Cover C Francesco Francavilla) Same here. If that was available in Australia I'd buy it. Probably. Two Marvel-homage covers in one month!
  10. I don't really see Karl Urban as Butcher, but I'll give it a go.
  11. JasonT

    DC Comics

    Yeah, same. Maybe the first few pages weren't the best pages for a preview. But between the writing ("THEN USE MINE, GREEN LANTERN!!!!!1!!1!") and the stiff art, that book's off my list.
  12. JasonT

    Norm Breyfogle

    That sure was a classic period for Batman / Detective Comics. Before Batman became all about punching people.
  13. JasonT

    The webcomics thread

    Lots of names from the past in this thread. Oglaf is still going, and the latest strip is one of the best in a while: https://www.oglaf.com/remains/ (Caution: filth)
  14. JasonT

    Other comics we read recently

    Invasion! is itself connected to Savage, which still runs in 2000AD from time to time. Directly connected, in fact. Dom mentioned it above. They're both written by Pat Mills. Did any of you see that storyline from a couple of years back where ? One of the all-time great 2000AD moments IMHO.
  15. 1. You're right, thanks for the correction. 2. That's worse.