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  1. JasonT

    Image Comics

    18 pages sounds like a lot of work for you. If you've already scanned it, email would be fine by me, or a Dropbox or Google Drive link; otherwise I'd prefer not to put you to the trouble.
  2. JasonT

    Image Comics

    I've got the floppies, so I'd love a look at Grant's backmatter. Only if it's no trouble for you to scan & post.
  3. JasonT

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 26th 2018

    I hope so, although I'm almost tempted to buy extra copies of this edition in anticipation of the price going up by the same amount.
  4. JasonT

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 26th 2018

    No. They're impossible to find at a sensible price (AFAIK). I do have most of the Eagle run from the 1980s.
  5. JasonT

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 26th 2018

    Action Comics #1005 Dan Dare Complete Collection Volume 1 The Venus Campaign HC The Dan Dare collection is a 336 page whopper including the long-out-of-print Voyage To Venus 1 & 2 and The Red Moon Mystery.
  6. JasonT

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 19th 2018

    I lost touch with the weekly comic threads for a while there. Broad, unsubtle allegory or parody is entirely in keeping with Judge Dredd, so well done to the Jenkins boy on that score.
  7. JasonT

    Other comics we read recently

    ^ https://www.selfmadehero.com/books/lip-hook English rural horror? Sold! Thanks for the heads-up, Ade. I do hope he can maintain the staggering quality he's produced so far. He seems like a no-brainer to take over Batman, but IMHO he's so good he deserves something bigger.
  8. JasonT

    Other comics we read recently

    After His Relaunch Of Red Sonja, Mark Russell Signing On To Relaunch Planet Earth
  9. JasonT

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 19th 2018

    ^ It's written by Paul Jenkins, and is apparently his first time writing the character. I'm at least gonna track down preview pages.
  10. JasonT

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 12th 2018

    No thanks. They really should have started that collection with Deanna Troi.
  11. JasonT

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 12th 2018

    ^ That's how much comics cost in Australia. Superman #5 Lone Ranger Volume 3 #2 Bitter Root #1 2000 AD Pack October 2018 (sort of) Christian, are you tempted by William Gibson's Alien 3?
  12. JasonT

    Rest in Peace, Stan Lee

    This must make Howard Chaykin's Hey Kids! Comics! seem like it's in poor taste.
  13. JasonT

    A Hellblazer miscellany

    There's a nifty take on Constantine by Charlie Gillespie on the cover of the new issue of Comic Scene: https://comicscene.tictail.com/product/comicscene-uk-issue-4-pre-order
  14. JasonT

    Image Comics

    Yeah, that was a great comic. Have you read Fatale and The Fade Out?
  15. JasonT

    Image Comics

    Here's a preview of Bitter Root, written by David F Walker, whose work I shamelessly promote. https://www.previewsworld.com/Article/217855-Sneak-Peek-Bitter-Root-1-From-Image-Comics