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  1. JasonT

    2000 AD

    The Judge Dredd Megazine is serialising a French WWII graphic novel, "under the new ‘Battle presents…’ banner, reviving the name of one of the greatest comic books in UK publishing history." https://2000ad.com/post/4814
  2. JasonT

    Best comics of 2018

    Ugh, I forgot Immortal Hulk. It totally smashed.
  3. JasonT

    Comics Shipping the Week of December 10th 2018

    Superman #6 Battlestar Galactica Classic #2 Lone Ranger Volume 3 #3 Bitter Root #2 Andy Diggle is writing Shadowman, FYI.
  4. JasonT

    Comics Shipping the Week of December 3rd 2018

    Archie Meets Batman '66 #5 Green Lantern #2 Shazam #1 Immortal Hulk #10
  5. JasonT

    Best comics of 2018

    The Lone Ranger would have made my list, but I thought it was a bit hasty since only three issues have been released, and I've only read two of those. Similarly, Bendis' Superman and Action Comics are just lovely, but I always feel slightly embarrassed nominating superhero funnybooks when there's so much amazing literature out there. (No criticism of you folks intended. Thank you to everyone who responds to these threads.)
  6. JasonT

    Best comics of 2018

    What were the best comics published in 2018? If it appeared in 2018 or it was cover-dated 2018, that's close enough. And "best" can mean "best of the small cross section I read" or "my favourite". Here's my list of approximately 5: Exit Stage Left - The Snagglepuss Chronicles (surprise!) 2000AD Kill Or Be Killed Alfie What's your list?
  7. JasonT

    Image Comics

  8. Damned doesn't look like my kind of thing, but you must admit this is pretty great:
  9. JasonT

    2000 AD

    Anyone who fancies some fresh Leonardo Manco art should keep an eye on 2000AD in 2019:
  10. JasonT

    Image Comics

    You're a gem. Thanks very much!
  11. JasonT

    Image Comics

    18 pages sounds like a lot of work for you. If you've already scanned it, email would be fine by me, or a Dropbox or Google Drive link; otherwise I'd prefer not to put you to the trouble.
  12. JasonT

    Image Comics

    I've got the floppies, so I'd love a look at Grant's backmatter. Only if it's no trouble for you to scan & post.
  13. JasonT

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 26th 2018

    I hope so, although I'm almost tempted to buy extra copies of this edition in anticipation of the price going up by the same amount.
  14. JasonT

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 26th 2018

    No. They're impossible to find at a sensible price (AFAIK). I do have most of the Eagle run from the 1980s.
  15. JasonT

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 26th 2018

    Action Comics #1005 Dan Dare Complete Collection Volume 1 The Venus Campaign HC The Dan Dare collection is a 336 page whopper including the long-out-of-print Voyage To Venus 1 & 2 and The Red Moon Mystery.