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  1. Punisher Soviet #3 (Of 6) 2000 AD Pack November 2019 2000 AD Prog #2160
  2. There's a new Mark Russell / Steve Pugh comic due in March: http://wmqcomics.com/previews/solicits/journey-to-billionaire-island-in-ahoy-comics-march-solicits/ SOLD
  3. John Constantine Hellblazer #2 (ahem)
  4. F*cking loved that. Spurrier nailed it. While it feels authentic, he has his own voice, just as Paul Jenkins and Garth Ennis wrote right-feeling Hellblazer in their own voices. He even sold me on the haunted phone. At first I thought the model Aaron Campbell is using for Constantine was off — I'm a Sting purist, sorry — but after only 2 issues this distinctive iteration of Constantine has really grown on me. The expressive face, the humour, the way he operates. That art though. It's reminiscent of 1980s Richard Piers Rayner, but not stilted. If this is a new era of Hellblazer, I'm excited for it.
  5. Those of us still using this forum should wear the "I survived, John Constantine" T-shirt.
  6. Surprised to find that was pretty much exactly what I wanted from Hellblazer. Creepy horror story, bit of social comment, fantastic art, John's character felt right, I liked Nat instantly. The whole thing felt like authentic Hellblazer for the first time in *mumbles* years. They need to let go of the trenchcoat. Other than that, more of the same please. Did I mention how good the art was?
  7. As others have said, the magic sh*tstorm at the start wasn't promising. What John did with the pig's head was very Constantine (and a bit Cameron), but it wasn't helped by some stilted dialogue, juvenile lettering and sketchy art. But everything from the moment John woke up in Ravenscar worked for me. (Well, everything other than Ravenscar still being a treatment centre.) The hospital scene felt like quintessential Hellblazer, maybe assisted by the echoes of 'Dangerous Habits', and the way Spurrier dealt with Chas was shocking and ballsy. And necessary. I went straight on to the new JC: Hellblazer. Is it worth going back and reading the Books of Magic tie-in issue?
  8. JasonT

    Best comics of 2019

    Based on issues 1 and 2, it's joining my list.
  9. Just read Punisher: Soviet issue 1. It was pretty good. Garth has total command of this type of story. Great detailed art by Jacen Burrows.
  10. JasonT

    Best comics of 2019

    I couldn't manage 5 either. I miss the days when lots of new comics were being discussed and recommended here.
  11. What were the best comics published in 2019? If it appeared in 2019 or it was cover-dated 2019, that's close enough. And "best" can mean "best of the small cross section I read" or "my favourite". Here's my list of approximately 5: Immortal Hulk The Lone Ranger 2000AD
  12. Only if you think comics are good. I guess nothing's that good. Maybe it's just the expectation gap between mainstream 2019 superhero comic and the masterclass Al Ewing is giving, backed up by meticulous horror artwork that reminds me of Bissette and Wrightson on Swamp Thing. Ewing has also proudly built the story on the foundations of Hulk history, but it doesn't feel like continuity mining — it feels like what's on the page is just the tip of an iceberg, with a bigger story underneath. Come to think of it, if you look at it as an homage to Hulk in the form of a horror comic, it's amazing.
  13. Yeah. Remember how the "best comics of the year" threads used to ask if there was anything published of the calibre of Sandman or Dark Knight Returns or whatever, and there was usually nothin'? Well then: Immortal Hulk.
  14. You're all still reading Immortal Hulk, aren't you? If there's a better superhero comic being published, I'd love to know about it.
  15. JasonT

    2000 AD

    Pat Mills' thematic sequel to Charley's War is available to download free and legally. https://www.millsverse.com/download-great-war-dundee-comic/
  16. Thanks, I don't think I'd heard of that one.
  17. Just finished the last episode of season 1. Wow! I nearly dropped it after episode 2 because I thought there were no surprises for someone who's read the comics. Damn, was I wrong! They kept the concepts but made the story their own. There's so much to like, I wouldn't know where to start praising it. I guess the casting... the characters weren't true to the comics, but the casting was amazing. Even Karl Urban's accent improved! (He still lapses into New Zealand occasionally, for what it's worth.) Despite being f*cked-up, it's easy viewing. Showrunner Eric Kripke is one of the people behind the equally-likeable Supernatural and the similarities are there. Definite thumbs-up from me.
  18. Yeah. It reminded me of how f*cking great X-Statix was. I wouldn't have known the Giant-Sized book existed if you hadn't mentioned it in this thread a couple of pages ago, so thank you. Remember how pumped we were on here when the writer of X-Force and X-Statix was tipped to take over Hellblazer?
  19. Somehow I forgot to read the final issue when it came out, and only just read it last weekend. That issue felt like kind of a letdown — everything important had already happened, the story was over, the ""twist"" was such a standard comicbook trope I had to use two sets of quotes on it. But you're right about the level of craft. The ending makes more sense if you read the series as a Mark-Millar-style treatment for a movie or TV show. At the time I thought the Super Mullet was ridiculous. But looking back, if we didn't have it, we'd have one less part of the 90s. If that makes sense.
  20. JasonT

    DC Comics

    Sold. Thanks for the tip. The first issue of that Jesus thing was great too.
  21. 2000AD is all I know of Si Spurrier's work. What else would you guys recommend as something to track down?
  22. In case you missed it on Rassmguy's "From Bayou to Abyss: Examining John Constantine, Hellblazer" Facebook group, this was shared on Facebook by the artist, Scorpio Steele: Original post: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theparliamentoftrees/permalink/2298535240364855/
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