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  1. JasonT

    Other comics we read recently

    Desperately sorry, Ade, but I just tracked down the first 2 issues, and I thought it was shite. I'm not even gonna bother with the third. It read like Alan phoned it in from a list of zombie movie clichés, and Simon Bisley's art did nothing to help. Considering the anticipation I felt for more comicbook writing from Alan, this was quite a disappointment. Garth Ennis' Crossed, which covers very old ground, does a better job. You're on the money about the covers, though.
  2. JasonT

    The webcomics thread

    Lots of names from the past in this thread. Oglaf is still going, and the latest strip is one of the best in a while: https://www.oglaf.com/remains/ (Caution: filth)
  3. JasonT

    A Hellblazer miscellany

    We don't seem to have a catch-all thread for stuff about Hellblazer that doesn't belong in its own thread. Maybe there's a reason. Writer Elizabeth Sandifer is doing a series of articles called "The Last War In Albion" which she describes as Here's the entry about John Constantine: "Declare Yourself A Magician". [Link updated 2018-08-19]
  4. JasonT

    Other comics we read recently

    Invasion! is itself connected to Savage, which still runs in 2000AD from time to time. Directly connected, in fact. Dom mentioned it above. They're both written by Pat Mills. Did any of you see that storyline from a couple of years back where ? One of the all-time great 2000AD moments IMHO.
  5. 1. You're right, thanks for the correction. 2. That's worse.
  6. "Always the worst words could be spoke at me"? Fuck off Dick van Dyke. 🤮
  7. JasonT

    DC Comics

    At this stage I'd buy Mark Russell's shopping lists.
  8. Can't imagine why they cancelled that.
  9. JasonT

    Marvel's One World Order

    If issue 1 is anything to go by, Ta-nehisi Coates' take on Captain America is gonna be blunt allegory. It's good enough to get me back for issue 2.
  10. JasonT

    DC Comics

    Brian Bendis' Superman has been a cracking read so far. It reminds me of what I kinda think of as the Jerry Ordway era, when Superman comics had solid art and scripting and an engaging supporting cast. (Lots more people than Jerry were involved in that era, but just roll with it.) I devoured all of the Bendis material over two days and now I'm jonesing for the next issue of Superman or Action Comics.
  11. The trailer makes it look fun, but I'm a little disappointed that they're doing it as a pisstake with a goofy Shazam. I guess they couldn't risk doing it in a way that would invite people to react with "this is how they should have done Superman!"
  12. JasonT

    DC Comics

    Snagglepuss: Exit Stage Left actually turned it up a notch in its final issue. (When it went meta it blew my mind.) It's an easy best of 2018 for me.
  13. JasonT

    DC's Young Animals (New Imprint)

    Isn't Sandman Slim a pimp?
  14. The first issue of A Walk Through Hell (Aftershock Comics) was stunning. If he can maintain that standard, it'll raise the bar for horror comics.
  15. JasonT

    1990s Gimmick Covers

    There was a Moench/Jones Batman arc guest starring Deadman that had cracking Kelley Jones glow covers. If you look closely at this one you can see that the glow effect reveals Deadman.
  16. Looks like this might actually be as good as the Christmas teaser trailers suggested.
  17. JasonT

    1990s Gimmick Covers

    That Daredevil glow cover was amazing.
  18. JasonT

    Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    I wonder if he intended to use a different decade for every 8 issues.
  19. JasonT

    Other comics we read recently

    The fifth issue of Mark Russell's Snagglepuss Chronicles is out. It's still amazing.
  20. JasonT

    The Toy Thread

    Those are pretty impressive, especially considering the size of 'em. I wonder if the finish is that good on the production versions, or if the photos show hand-finished one-offs like they do for Star Wars figures. The Horta looks like a Heroclix crap.
  21. JasonT

    Other comics we read recently

    According to Wikipedia, yes. (For certain values of "religious reasons or something".)
  22. JasonT

    Other comics we read recently

    Today I learned that Christopher Priest and Jim Owsley are the same person.
  23. JasonT

    DC Comics

    Same here. Four issues have come out (badoom-tish) so far and I can't wait for the fifth. It's a wonderful work of art.