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  1. By the way, guys? I'm a fan of John as bisexual... but I think that Azzarello's work was. in a lot of ways, just... wrong. The dog had no real point except to make the reader cringe, I think. And I also agree that since it is, sadly, stuck in continuity, someone should bring it back to fuck with him. As for Blood and Ashes... In some ways, I sort of like it, but in a lot of ways I don't. The whole S&M club thing sorta made me go 'huh?', though I actually could see John seducing someone just to fuck them over.. it just.. doesn't read right. (Hey, fiction is my forte. I suck at reviews.) But come on, guys. It could be a lot worse. You could get struck by a horde of slavering fangirls who get let in on the fact that in the comic, it's sort of cannon for their beloved Keanusteen to be the victim of all their sadistic pairings. Just mention demon Mpreg, and you've got a great spinoff right there... (Yes, I'm a creative sadist. I -enjoy- being cruel to my characters and seeing how they get out of it. Isn't that why you want to read what I've got to write?)
  2. Gotta agree with a lot of the holes, but the general gist of it, I really liked... Though it seemed sort of muddled and rushed.. I wish this whole arc had been paced differently, with less build-up and more time spent sorting out the climax. Maybe it's because Mina's less experienced with comics?
  3. So I was trying to think... Just how many people involved with John have definitively ended up in flames?
  4. Xan

    Hellblazer #225

    Really neat looking cover. Took me a second to catch the ghost, though.
  5. My name is Xan, and I'd also say 101% (meaning all of Hellblazer, and some of the stuff with ConJob outside the series.)
  6. Xan

    The webcomics thread

    A few from me: Sorcery 101- Supernatural alternate-reality with plot AND funny. And the main character is a chain-smoking British fuck-up. Fallen Angels Used Books- A pretty serious urban fantasy with a touch of the surreal (think Charles DeLint with a bit less whimsy). Awesome art, sometimes a little hard to follow, but quite good. Ozy and Millie- Probably my favorite webcomic of all time. Cute 12-year-old animals somehow manage to make me snicker more than anyone else with great social commentary and randomness that hits just right.
  7. As for my own answer... Though I've read all of Hellblazer and would sorta like to pick someone from early in the series... I have to go with one of the biggies and say Demon Constantine. I know he was "taken care of" in Down in the Ground, but Nergal's story was being told right there, of a demon coming back from a lot worse than having his throat ripped out. Multiple times. (And c'mon, DC's made of bits of John. He's going to be a tenacious, resourceful bastard, too.) I really think the character wasn't explored nearly enough. He's sort of a vague personal antagonist, making appearances here and there... when he's got so much potential. What about the fact that, oh, he has feelings for Kit? That he'd probably be pissed at the FotF rather than just holding a grudge against John? And that of all the beings in Hell, he's got his own unique situation.. It was a huge disappointment for me to see him offed so easily by Nergal-John. If he was going to have an anticlimactic death, at least make it an ironic one.
  8. From any run, who's the character you'd most like to see more of? I was going to qualify this by saying "the ones that are still alive", but this is Hellblazer, after all. And.. whose appearance do you think would fuck with John the most?
  9. For me, yeah, it'd be Sandman again, and the Books of Magic prequel. I'm a big Gaiman fan. John made me laugh, and the character sort of stuck with me a lot more than any of the others, including main characters. On a random impulse, a few years later, I picked up a couple Hellblazer trades, and started claiming myself a fan. Fairly recently, my local gaming shop decided to get rid of their stash of comics from the stint they'd sold them, and sold boxes and boxes of comics en masse for dirt cheap to some of the regulars. I walked away with all the Hellblazer they had. After that, I was more than hooked... I was obsessed. I went out and found every copy of the comic I could.. and I've now read nearly all of it. (All of the bit in the regular continuity, I believe.) Still definitely counts as my favorite comic, and I lament that it's so little known, and even less appreciated.
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