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  1. Well, in fact, I didn't read the comics, but I knew about the whole movie from the info on the web. The trailer is great, but I could not care for anyone there. I was as "OK, I will see another death and...whatever." And the violence was a bit too much for me, even if very stylized. Anyway, some people I know loved it. Some let the movie before the end. As everything in life, a matter of taste.
  2. Red! Nice to chat with you! :D Yes, I will try to get the book before the movie is released. I liked the story, it's always actual, like many of Moore works. I like the Washowski style too, hope they can match that with a good story. And Hugo Weaving's voice is great! Very important for a character that never really shows a face.
  3. I could pay him very well only to sit in my room reading a book. Naked.
  4. Hey!!! I'm back to spoil some moods! I want a sequel! In fact a lot of people want. I only could pre-order my DVD here yesterday, because after annouced two weeks ago at the larger DVD selling site here, it was sold out. And, BTW, even Elektra and Hellboy might have a sequel, so... (and, Fuji, don't bother to try to prove me they can do that because of budget, yadda, yadda... I know about that stuff). And I will keep my hopes. :icon_sam:
  5. DVD will be released here in September... damn! have to wait a bit yet. But no comic... darn.
  6. Liked the trailer, is very well made. I see some people get a big grip to effects, bullet time, action, but, really, if the story is there, if it's well made, those are things that really won't disqualify a movie. They need to reach a younger audience too, and those things for sure attract people to see the movie, no one can deny. I'm glad they are keeping the release date, despite what is happening, the bombs in London, et al. Well, the fact is that's an insecure time to live anywhere and terrorists try to justify their acts no matter who they are hurting. I never read the book, but saw some snnipets about the Washowskis script. I remember reading the transcript of a letter to Eve too, in a site about Moore, some time ago. She seems a great character.
  7. Hey guys! I'm alive! 8-) (not that anyone missed this KR fan here... ;) ) Finally Sin City opened here on Friday. Well, I went to see it (as I said ages ago, I was truly impressed with the trailer yadda, yadda, yadda). Well, as a movie, Sin City is... a really good trailer!!! Maybe a good comic? At least people say it's a good comic, as I didn't read it. In fact, I discovered watching the movie that I would not like the comic at all. Nice visuals. 10 minutes... nice visuals... well... yawmnnn.... nice visuals. That's it ! I didn't like it. Liked the firts 10 minutes, but the rest was the same (not in storyline of course, but the visuals). I wasn't " into" the story at all. Not into any of the characters (and what a bunch of them...). And, dare I say, EVEN if Mr Reeves was a character, I swear it would be well below in my list. Visuals aren't everything, I could not get into the story, I didn't like the overacting, although Benicio del Toro is always good in anything he does, even if for a very short screen time. But those women??? What the hell? I knew I was right about them in a old thread we had here... (but I don't even consider an insult, nothing, because the movie isn't a classic or went so far to get that type of reaction. It's just idiot). Don't kill me, please. It's just an opinion, maybe that's because I'm not a modern woman... :closedeyes:
  8. Kejoxen, that pic is something... so not worth. eww. I just opened this thread here at work. Thank God I was alone in the room! :-? Well, I will put the update here. Constantine is doing very well in Japan. A japanese fan told me that the midia there are predicting the movie can make more than $ 30 million, because they have a big holiday week and the movie is at top spot a getting very good reaction. Stands now at $14.3 million there and increased last weekend. If so, it will make more than US$ 230 million WW, next week in Japan will tell. boxofficemojo "Celebrating the beginning of Golden Week in Japan, comparable to the business created by Memorial Day weekend in the U.S., Constantine held on to the No. 1 spot in its third weekend, grossing $2.64 million from 350 screens, up 13 percent from the prior weekend. It is now a whopping 72 percent ahead of X-Men 2, 63 percent ahead of National Treasure, and 49 percent better than Van Helsing. Its total stands at $14.3 million there, while its international total moved to $142.4 million after a $2.97 million weekend from 36 territories." Actuals Domestic:US$74,701,091 International:US$142,400,000 WW: US$ 217,101,091
  9. as always... yum. :happy: Nice! The extras seems very good. I am thinking if we will get the "Exclusive Collectible" extra here too... wish, wish, wish...
  10. Seeing all the openings, rating, number of Theaters in wide release, and release date, it seems it's performing in the normal way. But comparing with Sin City, well, Constantine was released in less theaters than Sin City, but they are performing quite in the same manner in US. I will resume a bit below, but you can track the two movies at Box Office Mojo, that have Daily and Weekend Breakdowns for every movie. Constantine - Theater Count/Wide - 3006 Sin City - Theater Count/Wide - 3230 Constantine - Opening Weekend - $29,769,098 Sin City - Opening Weekend - $29,120,273 Constantine - Theaters after 4 weeks - (-588) Sin City - Theaters after 4 weeks - (-659) Constantine - Gross after 4 weeks - $66,518,726 Sin City - Gross after 4 weeks - $67,263,575 Sin City may end up with the same, maybe a slight more than Constantine, but I doubt it will cross $ 76 - 78 million. Next weeks will be full of the pre-summer movies, with XXX2 and Hitchhikers dominating the young male audiences that fit Sin City's public. And after Kingdon of Heaven then, it will be off the chart. But it did very well. JMO, but I did not understand Sin City's dates for International releases. It will open in big markets along with huge summer movies, in june and july, as the big releases in US are almost at same time overseas. Here, for example, it will open only a week after Star Wars, a very bad date, as, even if Star Wasr is a bad movie (I hope not), it will draw a giant audience. Yes, SC has a R rating, but even so, it will be released at the middle of heavy competition. If it opened now in key markets it could do very well as at this moment there isn't a type of movie like that and with that target demographic in any place overseas. Anyway, you can track the two movies here: Constantine Sin City
  11. It's been said that they will release a two disc DVD with commentary and BTS material in US too, because the German and the Asian edition, already announced, have a second disc with plenty Special Features. http://www4.cdwow.ie/detail_results_2.php?product_code=17738
  12. From Variety: (date in print 04/25) " "Constantine" showed serious drawing power in Japan, where its soph sesh led with $2.37 million at 349 playdates to lift its territorial total to $9 million. Offshore cume for the Keanu Reeves vehicle has reached $136 million, $62 million above the domestic total." Actuals (estimated) are: Domestic: US$74,4 million Overseas: US$ 136,0 million World Wide: US$ 210,4 million --------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Andy, art is not showing up here, so I will post from this link, OK? I like the art. Wish it was the poster here...
  14. Those aliens... we can always blame them. :happy:
  15. Abhimanyu, I bet he knows. In fact, everyone knows. But I could not resist to talk about it. That sadomasochistic outfit was so gratuitous and desnecessary, even more for a woman who was fully clothed the whole time. Well, Jabba was doing his fantasy there...Ugh! I have a friend who always says how Princess Lea was his first crush at the movies when a kid, the first who did him... well, you guys get the idea. Bet Lucas got the result he wanted... lots of drooling boys wanting to see much more than Ewoks! :)
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