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  1. It blows that AICN/harry is gonna give constantine a positive review cause really AICN , apart from their spy scoops BLOWS BIG TIME. Especially harry knowles who is either wrong with his reviews or just points out the obvious. ANyhoo i've just seen the latest international trailer of hellblazer and sure as heck dig the hell look.
  2. I was actually interested what movie keanu reeves was doing next after he had left the matrix trilogy. And don''t ask my why but some days later i got linked to this site with the poster of keanu dressed in black and smoking. I definately dug he poster and soon began buying the comics. Well one thing led to another and i came here
  3. I still prefer this poster over the demons
  4. What i hate about movies in which the the studio has invested heavily , is the whole obligotary love stories. Constantine did have 1 love (as far as 1 know) and it wasn't destiny that brought them together. In the end , the chick left him. Why they have to go and use a love thing for this movie amazes me. Constantine just goes around and screw just about any woman he finds without having any guilt. This should be done in the movies to , not some destiny filled love story *sigh* One thing i'm looking forward too is the whole hell scene being the exact opposite of earth. I'm definately looking forward to that.
  5. lol , it was only in 1 movie that he used it :wink: And david had made only 1 crappy movie (due to the heavy involvement of the studio of course). Seven is still a master piece and that doesn't involve CGI kitchens or green filters. And the visual style to that movie is very important to the story.
  6. Yyeah but it was made with the full cooperation of the creator. And that makes a huge difference. You can't go on and say that they've raped the comic book character if the creator is also heavily involved in the movie.
  7. WHAT THE FUCK??????? oh, and that's actually from the one kinda positive review, the other two are very negative. yay! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> yeah , but i don't think the last review is one at all. Probably just some damdn idiot trying to ditch the movie without actually seeing it. The review just doesn't look very proper. Then again maybe i'm wrong and this movie just was really bad for the 3rd reviewer. Overall i'm quite happy with the first review . It's nice to see someone going into great details about the movie.
  8. Hm... 3 reasons for Constantine 1 Francis Lawrence could be the next david fincher 2 I wanna see the work that ESC & Tippett Studios has done on this movie (ESC was the company that the bulk of the VFX work on Matrix 2 & 3, as well as Tippett Studios) 3 I wanna see if the filmcomposer can create a dark unique score (the guy was either nominated or had won an award for best new composer or something)
  9. One thing i definately want to know is why this movie isn't promoted more especially since february isn't that close away. You'd expect at least the marketing campaign to kick off. And while the 18 min previews were a positive way of promoting constantine, that still doesn't mean that the general audience is going to see it. A good example of this is HellBoy. A movie made for geeks by a geek. It got huge praises on various movie review sites such as AICN , got raves on CON's but in the end it opened with 23 million and grosses less then 60 million. And it's progress was followed by fans all over the internet and the director himself posted often on the official website's messageboard. Constantine's marketing campaign should begin now. Cause that's the only way that more people are going to see this movie.
  10. I voted for the visuals , even i know that visuals don't have to make a great ( episode 1 :rolleyes: ). Still , if there is a movie that needs a dark atmosphere with awesome cinematography this is it. And considering that Francis Lawrence , who very well may be the next david fincher , is doing it promising to be good. Still i wonder how this movie would've looked if tarsem singh had directed it.
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