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  1. http://www.newsarama.com/22873-suicide-squad-cast-named-will-smith-is-deadshot-jared-leto-is-the-joker-more.html So. I don't know. Leto could make a nice Joker, and the rest of the cast seems okay, but I'm still very suspicious of the DC cinematic universe.
  2. Jason Patric and Lucy Punch cast in the pilot. Handled properly, this could be a really fun TV show.
  3. I love Grant Morrison, but...

    Damn, it IS superhero Conjob! :D
  4. WHO's that girl?

    Call me the Grinch, but I wasn't feeling this one [though I mostly liked Frosty Claus]. Still, wasn't catastrophically bad, and it did get me to rewatch that Rick & Morty episode. So, meh humbug.
  5. Concerning the Forum Banner...

    I suggested that as well, because I think we should own entire Constantine's history, but... It's Chinatown, Greg.
  6. Question regarding John and Zatanna

    Actually, Christian, Gaiman's mini is from 1991, I think, and it refers to them having a romantic history:
  7. WHO's that girl?

    So, are we properly pumped for the upcoming Christmas special?
  8. Ratings

    What is that forecast based on?
  9. Agents of SHIELD

    Didn't they already give up Agent Cooper's identity?
  10. Arrow

    First The Flash, then Arrow. Though they're more-or-less both standalone episodes, really.
  11. The Introduce Yourself Thread

    Welcome, make yourself at cyber-home!
  12. Question regarding John and Zatanna

    Gaiman's Books of Magic miniseries, Issue #2, has some nice, understated stuff with John and Zatanna too.
  13. I just go to keepvid.com and download, since I try not to clutter my Chrome with too many apps.
  14. I love Grant Morrison, but...

    No sirree, Lou! I do apologize for tantalizing you more than you need to be.
  15. I love Grant Morrison, but...

  16. Hellblazer Q&A

    I had a good laugh when I saw his signature on a cover tweeted by someone from the Constantine TV show.
  17. Hellblazer Q&A

    It was a digital signature of the guy who used to do pirated scans of most Vertigo comics, back in the day.
  18. I love Grant Morrison, but...

    If you don't get it, you might want to look it up digitally, then get the trade?
  19. That, I shall. For the forcoming new one, in order of appearance Bissete McKean Ridgway Williams Fabry Simpson Dillon Phillips Bradstreet Higgins Frusin Manco Bermejo Jock Camuncoli Bisley Matt Ryan Might be fair to throw in a surprise appearance by Keanu, somewhere around Frusin/Manco?
  20. Vertigo back on the ledge

    I am also digging the start to this new Astro City arc. Return to form indeed.
  21. Have all the 52 earths been uncovered? Is there a "Vertigo" Earth, by any chance?
  22. I love Grant Morrison, but...

    Yeah, he went a few levels up from his [really great] Batman Inc. stuff. He's really tapping into all that neat Corbenesque 80's Heavy Metal stuff with his coloring and grimaces.
  23. Ratings

    But that just makes it worse, it makes Yankball a dirty rotten tease. :P ;) Just joking here, I really have no sporting interest, experience or preference, but I like teasing US sports fans. Though watching Friday Night Lights made Yankball seem compelling and NOT that hard to understand, actually [before watching that show, the whole game seemed just kind of arbitrary to me]. I still find most US sports a bit on the isolationist side, which I feel contributes to the American people usually not being able to really "get"/connect/empathize with other bits of the world, culturally, but that's a whole larger and infinitely more complex discussion.