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  1. http://www.newsarama.com/22873-suicide-squad-cast-named-will-smith-is-deadshot-jared-leto-is-the-joker-more.html So. I don't know. Leto could make a nice Joker, and the rest of the cast seems okay, but I'm still very suspicious of the DC cinematic universe.
  2. Jason Patric and Lucy Punch cast in the pilot. Handled properly, this could be a really fun TV show.
  3. Rogan

    I love Grant Morrison, but...

    Damn, it IS superhero Conjob! :D
  4. Rogan

    Concerning the Forum Banner...

    I suggested that as well, because I think we should own entire Constantine's history, but... It's Chinatown, Greg.
  5. Rogan

    Question regarding John and Zatanna

    Actually, Christian, Gaiman's mini is from 1991, I think, and it refers to them having a romantic history:
  6. Rogan


    What is that forecast based on?
  7. Rogan

    Agents of SHIELD

    Didn't they already give up Agent Cooper's identity?
  8. Rogan


    First The Flash, then Arrow. Though they're more-or-less both standalone episodes, really.
  9. Rogan

    Question regarding John and Zatanna

    Gaiman's Books of Magic miniseries, Issue #2, has some nice, understated stuff with John and Zatanna too.
  10. Rogan

    I love Grant Morrison, but...

    No sirree, Lou! I do apologize for tantalizing you more than you need to be.
  11. Rogan

    I love Grant Morrison, but...

  12. Rogan

    Hellblazer Q&A

    I had a good laugh when I saw his signature on a cover tweeted by someone from the Constantine TV show.
  13. Rogan

    Hellblazer Q&A

    It was a digital signature of the guy who used to do pirated scans of most Vertigo comics, back in the day.
  14. Rogan

    I love Grant Morrison, but...

    If you don't get it, you might want to look it up digitally, then get the trade?
  15. Rogan

    Vertigo back on the ledge

    I am also digging the start to this new Astro City arc. Return to form indeed.
  16. Have all the 52 earths been uncovered? Is there a "Vertigo" Earth, by any chance?
  17. Rogan

    I love Grant Morrison, but...

    Yeah, he went a few levels up from his [really great] Batman Inc. stuff. He's really tapping into all that neat Corbenesque 80's Heavy Metal stuff with his coloring and grimaces.
  18. Rogan


    But that just makes it worse, it makes Yankball a dirty rotten tease. :P ;) Just joking here, I really have no sporting interest, experience or preference, but I like teasing US sports fans. Though watching Friday Night Lights made Yankball seem compelling and NOT that hard to understand, actually [before watching that show, the whole game seemed just kind of arbitrary to me]. I still find most US sports a bit on the isolationist side, which I feel contributes to the American people usually not being able to really "get"/connect/empathize with other bits of the world, culturally, but that's a whole larger and infinitely more complex discussion.
  19. Rogan

    Constantine REVIEWS

    I really haven't seen "representation crusading" and have found the articles on CA and BC to be pretty much okay, and pretty much opinions of reviewers/essayist that take a critical view that is not pure bashing - some people hold HB to a higher standard [as do I, for the most part] than most other fictions, and some good TV shows lately HAVE shown that you can have an intriguing TV show adaptation, or at least an homage [Hannibal, Supernatural as a homage to Constantine and such, Person of Interest owes a lot to Batman and some classic SF books/movies], so they expect a bit more substance. I'd hardly call that railroading, and there are several STHellers here who probably share similar sentiments [James, Abhimanyu, yours truly...] and think the show is entertaining, but not-quite-up-to-snuff compared to what they feel is possible, even on network TV.
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    Ah, that game where the ball is not really a ball, and it is mostly held as far away from the foot as possible?
  21. Rogan

    Vertigo back on the ledge

    Edvin Biukovich [Grendel Tales, Human Target] died 15 years ago, and his friends and colleagues did some artwork to remember him by: Here's his last published comic: http://nathanfairbairn.tumblr.com/post/104444816739/edvin-biukovic
  22. Rogan

    13 only (Production Halted)

  23. Rogan

    Fanmade films

    That IS awesome.