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  1. OK, so I should regard it as a prequel. Bloody X3....I've always said that it ruins everything :D yeah, I got the Wolverine (and I kinda liked it, although it had some rather dull moments, starting with idiot-like Deadpole, good grief....) for my part, it was far better than the X3, hope you don't mind :D :) hasn't the Magneto project been canceled? no, I did like it very much (in terms of a superhero movie) however, there are, how should I put it....HUGE disagreements with the comic universe, and THAT I don't quite like.... take an example - (besides from Kevin Bacon) The Hellfire club became a "Mickey Mouse spoiled rich mutants companionshipo trying to rule the world" ? o.O what else....Havoc should be Cyclops' little brother, not his, Idonnow....father? why the hell is Moira a CIA agent? etc.... but apart from those tiny details, it's a really cool feature :D couldn't agree more on that one I had hard time choosing whether I better liked Charles or Eric (because only those two, and Shaw, were THE impressive and charismatic characters)....but after I had given it some thought, I got to notice that it's actually the two of them together that work so well (although I did not quite like the sudden breakup, but ok, you can't ask for perfection, can't ya? :D :) )
  2. guys, I kinda need some help with this one is the First class a prequel to the X-films, or is it supposed to be the start of a new series, or something like that? I mean....I would sooo like it to be a prequel, building a big story, and everything....but, damn, there are sooo many inconsistencies with other films, I don't understand :/ (loss of Charles' legs, Moira McTaggert, Alex Summers, etc....) yet, it seems that they've tried to tie this one rather close to the old films.... I'm confused, even the bloody Wikipedia calls it "prequel/reboot", what the hell is that supposed to mean? :/
  3. Lord Vader

    DCU rebirth

    Hey everyone Sorry for interrupting the thread, I have certain questions regarding the DC-clean-up-thingy here namely, I myself am not, and I mean NOT a DC person. (Rogan knows this, but it might be OK to give some input to other people here as well) when I think about all those continuities, Crises, retcons, multiverses becoming universes, than splitting into multiverses again, whatever....aaaah, crap, no, I get totally discouraged just to look at the DC logo, let anything more than that.... anyway, when I saw this huge clean-up event about to happen, I got very thrilled, thinking "oh, finally, I can begin reading something of this stuff" :D however....I've been keeping up with the news (or at least I've tried to, that kind of counts as well, doesn't it?), and I've noticed that it's not going to be as simple as I had expected....there are going to be some ties to the old series, and so on....? Ok, to cut the crap, my question is - how is this retcon going to be new-reader-friendly if there are still ties to the previous serials and events/whatever...? Or, maybe a better question - which of these "fresh and new" series would you reccomend to a totally non-DCU-educated person such as myself? much obliged (:
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