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  1. Very much feels like a return to Vertigo era Constantine which is a solid move after the previous Dc runs that never really caught on.
  2. Mercury, Chas & Map. Who is next on the old supporting cast bingo to make an appearance? Renee hates John in every universe
  3. I liked it. The continuity does seem like a mash up. Characterization was pretty good
  4. Just read Rebirth 1. Return of classic Hellblazer John. Name drops a bunch of stuff from the pre-52 continuity while quietly sweeping aside and wrapping up the previous runs left overs. Glad Johns old back story and relationships are back because I wasn't a big fan of the new stuff they came up with with the previous relaunch
  5. Joe Anderson - John Constantine (Across The Universe, The Crazies, Horns, The Grey) Penelope Cruz - Zatanna Ed Burns - Deadman
  6. Oh Well. Hopefully WB greenlights Del Toro's Dark Universe/Heaven Sent movie so that we get another attempt at a live action John Constantine in the not too distant future
  7. Favourite is Delano Constantine. Least favourite: Milligan Azzarello Keanu New 52
  8. Everything looks good except for the boots.
  9. AMC brought a 50% share of BBC America earlier this year and let it be known they are looking to create more original content after the success of Orphan Black. With a British lead and genre following that would fit in alongside it's current show line up, I think Constantine would be a good fit.
  10. Hopefully this is better than the previous Constantine title. Seeing as they are using the Hellblazer title and hiring a Vertigo writer I'm wondering if this book will be closer to the old Hellblazer series. I'm guessing Dark Universe is replacing Justice League Dark.
  11. Really solid episode. The episode felt very Lovecraftian. Nice little mention of Ritchie's comic story with the consciousness was transferred into a computer. Ritchie saying he and John were Cancer was a neat nod to the comics as well. I liked the Bradstreet Hall easter egg. Happy to see John not reliant on magical artefacts for a change. Happy to see John pickpocketing campus cops, smoking cigs and boozing. I hope we get to see a flashback of the Newcastle Crew altogether one day. Harold Perrineau, Jeremy Davies, AND William Mapother. Casting director must really love Lost.
  12. I'm talking about BBC America which a commercially funded Network for American audiences half owned by BBC Worldwide and half owned AMC. BBC America is looking to make more original content (Orphan Black, Intruders and Fades are some shows they have financed). The fact Constantine features a British lead and they they don't mind producing genre shows also works in its favour. The thing which may work against Constantine is production is based in Atlanta and they may want to move the production to Vancouver like Orphan Black because it is cheaper to film there. With AMC being part owners they could cut a deal to share some of The Walking Dead production space and talent to double down on the costs.
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