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  1. The Trashman stuff is done in a much cruder style than his later stuff. I think a lot of the underground artists in the '60s looked down their nose at Spain a bit as he wasn't really into faddish lifestyle flourishes, and wrote very much from a working class Marxist perspective, rather than from a posturing middle class bohemian perspective. You don't get the impression from Trashman that he was at all impressed by some elements of the underground lifestyle himself, either. Apart from Trashman, the other thing of his I really enjoyed was his comics adaption of Gresham's Nightmare Alley, which is magnificent. (dogpoet, not BHG)
  2. And Chris Evans in at least two different roles?
  3. Quite possibly they might be, but Bob Kane Bill Finger was a bit older than that when he came up with the character.
  4. How about having Stephen King script a few of the many comics with his name on the cover? At least young Joe King writes Locke & Key himself...
  5. Cake or death? I'll have the chicken...
  6. Yep, Dog's right. I had read those and someone many years ago told me it was very good, so I was obviously given the wrong impression.
  7. Ah, right. I hadn't read any of the Azrael stuff, I'd just heard and read about them and seen a few copies. I've still yet to read Knightfall, but I've been told some great things about it.
  8. Well, there's a few different Bane stories it could follow, and we know how much Nolan likes keeping to the comic stories, so who knows which one he's going to go for. Knowing Nolan, he'll do a great job, either way.
  9. Yeah, I didn't bother with just seeing that, as I knew I'd want to see the rest, so I just waited for the full film. I think I'll do the same with this one. I'm sure it'll all be worth the wait, anyway.
  10. I never saw the TDK prologue, but I did go to the cinema to see it with my family, and I'll be doing that again for TDKR. I doubt I'll get to see the prologue for this one, but it says in Empire that it'll be some of Bane's back story, so that should be a great start, anyway.
  11. There's a great cover story of it in Empire magazine. Some lovely interviews with Bale, Hardy and Nolan as well, even if they aren't giving anything major away. Definitely worth a read.
  12. Very good read. He was on about the Occupy protestors using the V masks in last week's Observer as well...
  13. Right. Yep, it's an old one. It might be interesting to see if the relaunch one is any good, then.
  14. Had to give it an 8 as well. Really enjoyed it. I've not read any of the others yet, though, just the first one.
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