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  1. Yeah, that's why you don't let writers like the LOT writers anywhere near stories like the Newcastle story. Matt deserves better. WE deserve better. Still salty about him not appearing at all in that first (well, only) season of Swamp Thing.
  2. My bad lol. It mostly takes inspiration from All His Engines but from various other stories as well, and sorta puts their own spin on them and combines them in interesting ways. But in regards to the level of darkness/violence/etc. it's more in line with the Vertigo comics than one would expect for sure . Don't wanna spoil too much but they even let Matt Ryan say "fuck " lol
  3. Yes, albeit a while ago so my memory on it isn't 100% fresh. I'm sure you're about to tell me how it's " not a worthy adaptation " though, even though it's clearly not meant to be exactly like it ? Unless I'm just being presumptious, in which case I apologize, but one gets so used to fans shitting on everything in existence online...
  4. I love the Preacher series (even though I'm sure I'm one of few on this forum who would) , so I'm excited for this one, albeit having not read The Boys yet.
  5. Super well-done film. Dark, dramatic, twistedly humorous and horrific in all the right places just like a Hellblazer tale should be. This is exactly the kind of material Matt Ryan deserves to get in live action form, but for now, this'll definitely do. I hope there's a sequel.
  6. Apparently our boy is going to be a series regular now... Which means... ( Holds back vomit ) I may have to actually start watching this ?? http://collider.com/legends-of-tomorrow-season-4-matt-ryan-constantine/amp/
  7. Yeah , the music kinda throws me off, but I just love the way this is coming off as. Kind of an anime-esque take on Hellblazer, almost.
  8. I just don't care at all for the CW soap operaverse bullshit. That's why I was a little worried that they even added John to it, but the trailer for the animated series and some other news eases my worries for sure.
  9. With not one, but TWO episodes this time. It sounds like he'll play a bigger role than he did in the Arrow ep. Can't wait to watch just those two and never bother with the show again.
  10. I think the trailer guarantees that it'll be faithful. Straight from All His Engines, and Chas is even British for a change
  11. Honestly, from the way this looks, this could potentially be better than the live action series. Am I the only one that gets that feeling ? I'm actually hoping this becomes a big thing and lasts for a while.
  12. You guys pretty much summed it up. It was a friggin' masterpiece. I can't wait for the black-and-white edition to be released.
  13. Good points . Still, the only excuse for fireballs is if John were to be drinking Fireball.
  14. Meh. Just because it's animated doesn't mean it'll be Scooby Doo type stuff.
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