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  1. I'd also hear James Marsters' voice. It just seems to fit right. I know, I know, it's not a real English accent, but everyone goes on in the comics about how distinct John's accent is, and how people can tell its him just by the accent. This to me, screams a very bass, calculating, playful in a dark sorta way voice.
  2. Well he can do an English accent spot-on so I'm told, haha. As for Laurie not being able to pull it off, House very much shows off his knack for being mischevious, I'd totally buy him being able to walk into a room like he owns the joint and basically tricking every single being standing around him into admitting how stupid they are. Mostly because he does this weekly on House :D However, like I said, he's a bit too seasoned to be the young John Constantine, however, I'd be surprised if he didnt shine up nicely with a hair dye job and a shave.
  3. Good? Evil? Who cares, In the end it's all bollocks anyway. Just make sure you can run faster than the next poor bastard when the time comes...

  4. Hugh Laurie? Hullo by the way, first time posting on the forums, longtime reader of Hellblazer though. Anyway, I feel like good ole Hugh would do a bang-up job as the Hellblazer because he's a brilliant actor, and has an AMAZINGLY effective curmudgeon personality about him. Or if we're going for a younger guy, I'd have to agree with Bettany, that trailer TheDevilYouKnow posted was brilliantly cast, he definitely has a bit of John in him already it would seem, haha.
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