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  1. Have been reading HB for couple of years but it has mainly been the graphic novels and noticed the differences when Milligan took over. But I recently got Phantom Pains and within two pages I was wondering what the fuck, had to check the pages were glued in to make sure somebody hadn't slipped something else into a Hellblazer cover.
  2. I paid around £15 for it. It is a collection of stories by different authors and artists, they are listed as "Going for it" Hellblazer No. 3 (1998), "Hold me" Hellblazer No.27 (1990), "This is the dairy of Danny Drake" Hellblazer No. 56 1992, "..And the crowd goes wild" Hellblazer No. 77 (1994), "Locked" Hellblazer No. 140 (1999), "The first time" Vertigo secret files No. 1 (2000). Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi new to the site and hoping someone can help me with this. I bought a copy of London Streets on the net not realising it was in german and anytime since I look for it always appears to be only in german. Does any one know if I can buy this in english or am I going to have to sit for a while with a german dictionary.Thanks
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