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  1. What's going on with you?

    Good luck with the elections, Red and many congrats on the band! Looks like you handle the low end of the music there? Very nice. Can't quite see your axe there, apart from that it's a lovely red 4-string? Cool. I'm just a bedroom bassist. Haven't got the balls (or time) yet to venture outside, apart from a one-off performance at a cousin's wedding. Anyway, all theh best wishes to you.
  2. Very nice! Embarrassed to admit I've not seen the show yet (but it's on my To Do list!), so I've no idea how accurate this model is but I like how they've gone with a shorter length and made it single-breasted. Rather than get this model, I might go out and get a raincoat!!! Hehehehe....
  3. Nice! I'm reminded of Craig Ferguson and his snake tattoo that he occasionally talks about with his guests. Pretty cool. Is there a tattoo thread somewhere here already? Might take a peep later....
  4. The Introduce Yourself Thread

    Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! Pooka, are you trying to uncover my secret porno past??? Isn't that how those actors come up with their screen names....? Lou, it's all good, mate! You're a superstar. Ah, not one for autographs but good to know he's a regular there. Would be cool to snag some one-off artwork from him. Jason, cheers... yeah, I've gathered that it's something most would not consider collecting.... let's see how it goes.... might catch up on the latest Lucifer first...
  5. The Introduce Yourself Thread

    Hello all. I’m Raf. I was a member before the board upgrade of 2004. A very happy (albeit relatively quiet) member, I might add, and very sad that I stepped away. Alas, life got in the way. Top bunch of people here. Seriously. I still cherish the Crow swag which Lou K (of the Battlin' K Brothers) gifted to me – well, I believe it was a gift! Otherwise, I still owe you, Lou! You’ve probably forgotten anyway… Decided to stick with the same handle as the first time I registered. Lazy. I’m a 43 year old husband and father of a young lady who’s 12 and based in Malaysia. Was a boring auditor / accountant for many years (thankfully it’s been a while since I did all that) and I’m now studying part-time while maintaining an office job to hopefully become a full-timecounsellor/psychotherapist. “My calling”, I believe. Other than comics, too many interests, not enough time and money. Some highlights are music (playing and listening), sports (more watching than playing nowadays sadly…), food (more eating than cooking nowadays, sadly…), languages (very rusty with the French and German, studying Japanese now and hopefully Arabic or maybe Italian later), spy novels, movies and TV shows… ok that’s enough for now. The electric bass is what keeps me sane, makes me happy the most and stops me from doing dark, dirty deeds…. hehehe… Comics-wise, I’ve slowed down. After the end, I missed the whole 52 Constantine thing but I’ll probably try to find them slowly. The only Marvel title I had followed “properly” was Iron-Man. Most of the other titles I followed were mostly DC and Vertigo and they’re mostly finished now. Starman, Hitman, 100 Bullets, Catwoman, The Flash and a few others maybe. Oh, I loved Cerebus back in the day too (although I’m not too sure about the last third or quarter of that book. Needs a revisit!!). Why am I back? Well, life’s given me an opportunity so carpe diem! You’re all my kinda cool anyway so where else am I supposed to hang out??? raf.